8 Best How-To Video Examples

Kevin Alster
November 7, 2023
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How-to videos are among the most popular in online search results. And they're continuously gaining even more eyes.

On YouTube, the social media network with the second-highest traffic in the world, videos directed towards "beginners" that teach how to do new things had a 50% increase in average daily views since 2020. 

But what separates an average how-to video from a great one? And what can you do to ensure your instructional videos are nothing short of legendary?

Below is a selection of the best how-to video examples and templates to get your creative gears turning 😉.

Who can benefit from a how-to video?

Anyone from independent content creators to companies selling physical/digital products benefits from creating this type of content that nearly 30% of internet users want to see.

A how-to video could be anything from a marketing video to a video tutorial. Some companies even use them to create explainer videos, a great tool for advertising!

How-to videos are helpful for both external and internal uses. With them, you can:

✅ Teach others about products, services, or concepts

✅ Introduce employees to internal processes

✅ Guide customers through troubleshooting steps

✅ Make tedious procedures easier to learn

✅ And much more!

The 4 different styles of how-to videos

Learn the four styles of how-to videos you can create for your business. Then, use them by default or mix and match as you like.

1. How to troubleshoot your internet connection

5.16 billion people use the internet, but only a few can tackle a faulty internet connection. This how-to video succinctly guides you through the process of troubleshooting without confusing tech jargon.

Troubleshooting Internet Connections | Free Talking Head Video Template

Did you notice?

Supplementary video footage demonstrates the narration in slow motion. The visuals make it much easier to follow along with the real-world steps. 

Why this example works for how-to videos:

  • The video script follows a simple structure with 3 points, subsequent steps for each point, a recap, and a final recommendation.
  • The black-and-white background contrast and the absence of sound effects make it easy to focus on the information.
  • The visuals clearly illustrate the instructions spoken by the presenter.

2. How to use Slack

This video recording product tour is a great example of how you can teach viewers a new software. Packed full of actionable tips, it's useful for onboarding new customers and employees alike.

How-to Example/Template » Turn your Presentations into Talking Head Video!

Did you notice?

This is one of those video tutorials that's rich with information thanks to it's easy-to-follow screencast. When looking to make your own effective tutorial video, it's worth learning how to use a screen recording tool.

Why this example of instructional video is so compelling:

  • It's a screen recording demonstration, making information transfer more efficient.
  • The features show in a logical sequence, starting from the specific action of chatting with the team within a channel.
  • There's a perfect sync between visuals and the narrator's tips without any fluff.

3. How to manage your anger

This is one of those YouTube video examples that raises awareness for a broad audience. It shows how anger impacts physical health and provides relevant content and tips on prevention and management.

Anger Management Techniques

Did you notice?

The video presents a step-by-step process as a visual journey using emotive storytelling. In one video, you're going from being angry to understanding what this does to you and maintaining your calmness. Meanwhile, you're assured it's okay, you're not alone, this isn't helping you, and you can change.

Why this is one of the most impactful explainer video examples:

  • The message-tone congruence is excellent, with the whole narration flowing in a laid-back tone.
  • The detailed action plan is supported with text-on-screen and animated visuals.
  • The video content facilitates information retention with a brief recap and a specific CTA.

4. How to apologize for a mistake

This talking-head YouTube video will strike a chord in many. And it's one of those video examples that also know how to catch your eye.

DON'T SAY "SORRY!" | Better English vocabulary | How to Apologise

Did you notice?

This is one of those instructional videos that has a charismatic presenter with an expressive mime. It uses fast-paced sound effects that almost prevent you from noticing it's an 8-minute talk. And it relies on solid structural elements. These elements perfectly combine when you're creating videos for the YouTube platform.

Why this video facilitates information retention:

  • The objection is covered early, so the viewers can focus on the tips provided instead of dwelling on Why shouldn't I say 'Sorry'?
  • It shows attention to detail, featuring a clean background, uplifting sound effects, and clear narration through a lavalier microphone.
  • Typography is minimal, focused on the essentials, with the presenter filling all the space between the key moments of words popping on the screen.

5. How to achieve financial well-being

This is one of those video examples that prove you can do a lot in a few minutes. Though short, it makes the viewers interested in attaining financial well-being feel more confident.

From video design to actual content, it strikes through simplicity, just like great explainer videos should do. And by the end of it, you get the feeling that you know what to do.

Financial well being

Did you notice?

In only six slides, the video tells you everything. At first, you discover what you'll learn. To better illustrate the utility of its topic, the video also introduces a thinking exercise that's designed to improve conversion rates among potential customers.

Then, you learn the three concepts that serve as how-to steps in the video. Finally, you're sent away with actionable steps to achieve each of them.

Why this video offers a clear and compelling message:

  • It's simple and on point, leaving no room for confusion.
  • It flows well, with logical steps and a final recap of the key knowledge.
  • The video content subtly conveys the idea of financial savviness and well-being.

6. "How-to" medical demonstration

From the many video examples out there, animations are among the most attractive. Especially when they reveal complex information you can't see with the naked eye, their effect is remarkable.

With its magnetic visuals, this great explainer video will have you staring in awe. You don't even need to know this demonstrates how the "MegaVac mechanical thrombectomy system" captures and removes blood clots to watch it hypnotized.

How This Device Safely Removes Blood Clots | Tech Insider

Did you notice?

This video is a great way to demonstrate how a product or service works.

If you're in a technical field, this template is perfect for replicating, especially when tackling educational content with overly complex ideas. Great tutorial videos help the audience visualize the process, and animations greatly help.

In this case, the topic is a medical intervention. To explain it to a patient, it would require some medical jargon. And even when described in plain terms, it's hard to picture it. But not when you demonstrate it with a how-to video like this one.

Why this example is perfect for explaining complex concepts:

  • It starts with powerful imagery that will hook the viewers.
  • Information flows easily, and the on-screen text matches the visuals.
  • It pairs animation with explanations from a medical thought leader for increased credibility.

7. How to prepare for an offsite company retreat

This instructional video is an excellent example of business communication with a hint of pleasure.

While a company offsite retreat announcement, you can convert it into any other type of video announcement in a how-to format.

Think of "How to use our new app," "How to use this new feature on our website," "How to check if you qualify for the new bonuses," or other topics that will fit your internal marketing strategy or brand awareness campaigns.

Company Offsite Announcement

Did you notice?

The presentation begins with excitement, moves to the preparation steps, and handles potential concerns. This natural flow helps viewers to focus on the message without obsessing over their unsolved problems. Ultimately, the video script returns to peaking excitement, facilitating information retention and making the instructional video more memorable.

Why this explainer video template is perfect for company announcements:

  • It's an instructional video with clear steps for the planning stage, accompanied by a "For further questions" resource.
  • The rich visuals ramp up the excitement and show the travel itinerary in four steps.
  • It informs and entices in a business-casual tone, subtly strengthening the company's brand.

8. How to scam people for money ;)

We have to admit this how-to video won't wow you with its visuals, but the concept will make you curious. After all, it has scored 431K YouTube views so far.

Were all those YouTube searches aimed at actual "How to scam people for money" educational content? Probably not, and this video certainly isn't about that.

How to scam people for money ;)

Did you notice?

This YouTube video uses a unique approach to raising awareness on a hot topic. The way it was planned shows a great understanding of what gets the viewers excited.

Specifically, the video speaks to people who follow this YouTube channel for marketing tips. The target audience appreciates an out-of-the-box messaging approach. The video's comments section shows the viewers understand what the creator did with this video.

Why this video gets significant engagement from the audience:

  • It relies on reverse psychology and gets the viewers intrigued right from the title.
  • The mean/devilish video theme goes along nicely with the topic.
  • The step-by-step structure and the surprising visuals that pair with the narration in each slide hook the audience.

How-to video template 🖼

Many of the how-to video examples you see online can be easily recreated with this template. Want to present a product or service? Or to outline a process step-by-step? Consider this example template.

L&D Template: 5-Step Process Outline (Fully editable)

Start working on your how-to video

Effective how-to videos focus on a clear topic and show you how to achieve something in a logical sequence of steps.

Use this basic framework and spice it up with creative elements to create videos that educate and entertain your audience, all with Synthesia AI. Click here to try out the free AI video maker for yourself.


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