6 Types of Videos That You Can Make Yourself

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Elly Henriksen
Published on
June 12, 2024
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When you're ready to share your ideas with the world, choosing the right type of video can greatly impact how people will see your brand and understand your message.

In other words, if you want your message to be crystal clear and represent your brand correctly, choose the right video style to communicate what you need.

But don't worry; choosing the correct video format for your brand is not that difficult; you just need to know the different types of videos out there and understand when it's best to use them.

To help you with that, we've written this article so that when the time comes for you to make your video, you'll know which way to go.

Ready to begin? 

Type 1: Animated videos 

Like your favorite childhood cartoon, animated videos use still images, illustrations, and drawings to tell a story. 

When you use animation for your videos, there are no limits to the stories, characters, or worlds you can create because even the wildest and most abstract ideas can come to life when you use animation. 

This next video is an example of how any idea can be brought to life through animation.

The Power of Like

When and where to use it

Animation videos are perfect if you want to try something different and let your creativity run wild. However, keep in mind that while creating 2D and 3D animated videos can be easier than making motion graphics videos, some illustrating or drawing experience is required.

Explainer videos 

Let's say you have a very cool product, but you need to show your customers how it works most simply, so why not do it through an animated video?

Remember that there are no limits to animation, so there is nothing you cannot break down with an explainer video.

Onboarding videos 

Replacing traditional and tedious onboarding videos with catchy and engaging animation can make all the difference in your company.

Type 2: AI videos

Few types of videos are as easy to make as AI videos.

These types of videos use artificial intelligence to help you create videos from scratch in minutes. To start this type of video, you need to choose your template (usually customizable), select your avatar, add your script, and you're done.

There are many platforms to make AI videos. Still, Synthesia is undoubtedly the best alternative because of its superior technology, features, and how easy it is to create an online video on this platform.

Here's what an AI video made with Synthesia looks like: 

How to create a YouTube video with ChatGPT and Synthesia

When and where to use it

If you are wondering when you can use AI videos, we can tell you it is always a good time, especially when you urgently need to make a video from scratch.

It doesn't matter if you need to show a product, have a video conference, teach how to do something, or give a message; you can do it all with AI.

Training videos

​When you educate your people with AI videos, it's easy to personalize learning, as you can tailor the video to your audience in minutes.

For example, according to analysts in the eLearning industry, 90% of people want to learn in their native language, and with platforms like Synthesia, it's easy to translate and personalize your AI educational video in over 120 languages.

Internal communications videos 

Instead of writing a one-page email that no one will probably ever read, why not try making an AI internal communication video to share your urgent message?

You will find that making an AI video is as simple as writing an email but much more effective and fun to make and watch.

Type 3: Screen recording videos 

These videos are made by recording what is happening on your screen. These videos are generally accompanied by a narrator who guides you step-by-step through what is happening and what you see.

The next Adobe Photoshop YouTube video is a good example of how this type of Video looks and works.

Photoshop Magic Minute: Auto-Select the Targeted Adjustment Tool in Photoshop | Adobe

When and where to use it

We can say that screen recording videos are undoubtedly the best type of video whenever you need to explain how to use an app, tool, or feature in detail.

How-to- videos

With screen recording videos, it's easy to guide your viewers on whatever you want to teach them. 

Why? Well, because it's a visual explanation that shows you precisely what you need to do and how to do it.

Just think about it for a second, if you had to learn how to use a new app, would you read "the manual" or search for a short screen recording how-to video that shows you exactly what you need to do with each feature?

Promo videos 

Promotional videos don't always have to look like a commercial. Nothing prevents you from being creative and trying new ways to talk about your product, and one of them is screen recording videos.

Type 4: Live-action videos 

Perhaps every time you hear the words live-action, Disney's Little Mermaid comes to mind. However, when we talk about live-action videos, we mean any footage where there are real people.

Live-action videos don't have to look like a Hollywood production; on the contrary, live videos can be videos recorded from your phone where you and your friends share real stories or any other topic you want; a good example is the following video.

Peter McKinnon Schools Me In Product Photography

When and where to use it

The truth is, live-action video is one of the easiest ways to connect with your viewers, for the simple fact that humans can empathize or identify with something faster if we can see another person. You can also use humor or other emotions to "click" with your audience.

For this reason, live-action videos are also great for building trust in our brand.

As a side note, remember that although they have similarities, a live-action video is not the same as a live video or live-stream video; we will leave these different styles of Video for another day.

Motivational videos 

As we have already mentioned, live-action videos are great for triggering emotions, which is why many companies, such as NGOs, use them to show a problem and motivate us to raise awareness and act.

Sales videos

When products are very similar in capabilities, benefits, and price, what makes customers choose one product over another? The answer is the brand itself.

You can have the best product, but if you don't share the vision and ideals of the brand, you can lose customers. To avoid that, you can use live action in your sales videos to tell your brand story.

Type 5: Graphic/ typography videos

Video graphics videos perfectly blend visuals, background music, and kinetic typography.

The images in these videos tend to be dynamic and engaging. In other words, we can say that graphic video videos are made so that you can't take your eyes off them.

Here we share with you an excellent example of a graphic video made by Burger King:

The official rebrand introduction video for Burger King

When and where to use it

Graphic videos play with our senses, so whenever you need to spice things up or win back your customers' attention, we recommend you try this type of video.

Rebrand video

Nothing is set in stone, so if you think your business needs a makeover like Burger King did, we encourage you to go ahead with the rebrand and win the attention of potential customers with a graphic video.

Marketing video

We already explained that the graphic videos are striking, right? So why not use this type of video to attract attention and promote your brand? This can be an exciting marketing strategy.

Type 6: Interactive videos 

Unlike any other type of video, these videos allow you to interact with the content, hence the name "interactive videos."

With this approach, your audience can be directly involved with what happens with the video in real time since they control some functions.

An excellent example of an interactive video is this video course:

Example: Grocery customer testimonials

When and where to use it

You can use interactive video whenever you want to keep your viewers interested in your content or give them some freedom and control over what they're watching.

Quiz videos 

We understand that you must evaluate your team or students, but that does not mean the evaluation process should be tedious.

You can try new things for your tests and create interactive quiz videos to keep your audience engaged and reinforce their knowledge.

eCommerce videos

There are different ways to make interactive eCommerce videos. Still, a good example is when they show you the product in a video, and you can interact and choose what you want to explore or learn about it.

Choose your video type and create unique video content.

Different types of videos can be used to serve different audiences and varied needs for the business.

By leveraging a platform like Synthesia AI, you can create AI videos that are as good as any style of video made by a professional.

We can assure you that with Synthesia you need "zero" editing experience and that writing an email takes longer than editing and creating videos on Synthesia.

Do you want to put it to the test? Check out the free AI video generator and create your first AI video today.


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