5 Best Windows Movie Maker Alternatives

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Ema Lukan
Published on
June 12, 2024
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We know how much you loved using Windows Movie Maker and how sad it was to say goodbye when Microsoft discontinued it in 2017. 

However, as they say, "when one door closes, another one opens," and while it wasn't nice to see Movie Maker go, its departure also came with the opportunity for Windows users to explore a new and better video editing software

Since we know there are endless options, we set out to help you find the best Windows Movie Maker alternative, hoping you will find the best tool. 

So without further ado, here are some of the best Windows Movie Maker alternatives you can find. 

Overview of Movie Maker

For more than 19 years, Movie Maker helped thousands of Windows users edit and create videos of all kinds.

However, despite being a free platform that offered different functions and video editing tools, it did not have the expected reach, so Microsoft decided to discontinue it.

Today Windows Movie Maker is still used by some users who managed to download the application before it was discontinued. But unfortunately, there are no more updates for this platform. 

Pros of Movie Maker

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Multi-line text overlay.
  • Time-lapse quick tool.
  • No watermark.
  • Auto preview of effects.
  • Voiceovers and other audio features.
  • Freeware.

Cons of Movie Maker

  • No updates available.
  • No advanced features.
  • Discontinued.


It was a free alternative for Windows users.

Alternative #1: Synthesia 

Best video editing software for saving money and time

Discover Synthesia in 4 minutes | Product Tour

Remember in the early 2000s how complicated it was to create a video that looked more or less professional? Remember how hard it was to find people or actors and how expensive it was?

Making a video of less than 3 minutes was a real headache... And so it was until platforms like Synthesia emerged that transformed and revolutionized the way of making and editing videos. 

Thanks to AI technology with Synthesia, you can create attractive and professional videos easily.

Pros of Synthesia

  • You can create a video from scratch without equipment.
  • No actors needed - choose from over 125 avatars or create your own.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Multiple fully customizable video templates.
  • Fast rendering time to help you save time.
  • Screen recording and various recording tools. 
  • Text to video.
  • Choose from alternative voices or upload your own.
  • Greater reach thanks to more than 120 languages and accents. 
  • Human-looking avatars with different gestures make the video appealing to the viewer.

What to look out for

  • Not the cheapest alternative.
  • Few stock music options are available.


Synthesia has two paid plans and free demo to choose from:

  • Free demo: Although there is no free trial, they have a free demo to check out their product.
  • Starter plan: $22/month.
  • Creator plan: $29/month.
  • Enterprise plan: Different pricing depending on comapny size and needs.

How does it compare to Movie Maker Windows?

With Movie Maker, users had to add material or multimedia content to work and edit a video. With Synthesia's AI video editor, you don't need anything to edit and create a video, just a computer and a little imagination.

Alternative #2: VideoProc Vlogger 

Best for video blogs, also known as vlogs.

Meet VideoProc Vlogger - Official

The best way to describe this Windows Movie Maker alternative is as an intuitive and capable video editor software, a favorite among Vloggers in 180 countries.

VideoProc Vlogger is a versatile hardware-accelerated video editing toolbox that lets you control speed, create cinematic movements and add different visual effects to make your vlog or any other type of video unique.

Pros of VideoProc Vlogger

  • Easy-to-use video editor software for video processing, including HD/4K, UHD/8K, and DVD.
  • More than 20 speed presets.
  • Flexible Bezier curves.
  • Automatic keyframes.
  • 28 motion presets.
  • Color correction and grading.
  • Audiogram provides a visual representation of audio editing and toning.
  • Sliding screen.
  • Picture-in-picture.

Cons of Vlogger

  • Collaboration is not available.
  • No 3D tools.
  • The video converter is not included in the free version; you must pay for it.


Edit videos for free with this Windows Movie Maker alternative.

How does it compare to Movie Maker?

Similar to Movie Maker, VideoProc Vlogger is a free video editing platform. However, VideoProc's editing tools are more advanced to turn your 4K footage, GoPro/DJI videos, and everyday shots into quality videos.

Alternative #3: DaVinci Resolve

Best for cinematic videos 

DaVinci Resolve 17 official trailer (Hero showreel)

DaVinci Resolve is undoubtedly your best option to create an Oscar-worthy video or movie.

This alternative to Windows Movie Maker is designed to help you edit videos like a pro, offering you all the necessary tools, from light and color adjustments to image correction, motion graphics, and much more.

 Pros of DaVinci Resolve

  • Professional and advanced grading and color correction tools. 
  • Multi-user collaboration. 
  • Audio mixing and audio tracks editor.
  • Compatible with third-party plugins.
  • High-precision tools.
  • Easy to create cinema-quality visual effects and motion graphics.
  • More than 100 video files and film effects to edit videos.

Cons of DaVinci Resolve

  • The learning curve is long.
  • Additional equipment is needed to take advantage of all the features.
  • You will need a powerful computer to run this alternative to Windows Movie Maker.


You can choose between two types of plans.

  • DaVinci Resolve 18: You can download the software on your Windows PC and access some features for free.
  • DaVinci Resolve Studio 18: Download this version for $295 (You might need extra equipment for this version)

How does it compare to Movie Maker?

The big difference between these two video editors is in the editing tools.

While the tools available in Movie Maker were basic and limited, those in DaVinci Resolve are for creating professional video clips.

Alternative #4: VSDC Free Video Editor

Best free video editor.

How to get started with VSDC Video Editor — VSDC tutorial for beginners

VSDC is a free video editor with many tools, effects, and features not found in other free editors, with the downside that, unlike other alternatives to Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, its interface is difficult and somewhat confusing to understand for beginners.

Some of VSDC's best features are its powerful Chroma Key tool to remove the green background and essential tools such as Zoom, graphics, 360 video editing, and color correction.

Pros of VSDC

  • Free editor with several functions
  • Video effects, filters, and transitions. 
  • VSDC works even on outdated PCs
  • Motion tracking and text animation
  • Easy to synchronize video effects with the beat.
  • Record voiceovers in real-time
  •  Lightweight installation.

Cons of VSDC

  • It is not beginner-friendly.
  • There is a learning curve to understand and learn the video editing process.
  • No full-screen video preview
  • Drag and drop is not available in all functions.


You can get VSDC for:

  • Free: Unlike others, the free version of VSDC does give you access to many basic editing features.
  • Pro Edition: Access to better editing tools for $19.99

How does it compare to Movie Maker?

Before its demise, Movie Maker was a free platform like VSDC; however, it did not have as many editing tools.

Another difference is that VSDC has never been a user-friendly tool, while Movie Maker was always a friendly platform for all users.

Alternative #5: Movavi

Best for creating attractive video clips.

How to Edit a Video Quickly and Easily? - Video editing in Movavi Video Editor 2023

The next alternative to Windows Movie Maker is Movavi.

Since 2004, Movavi has helped create hundreds of eye-catching non-traditional videos and movies for different industries and media.

That's why Movavi is so popular with content creators looking for an easy-to-use platform that allows them to explore their creativity.

Pros of Movavi

  • Intuitive interface.
  • Professional designers craft titles, transitions, stickers, and other extra content.
  • AI background removal.
  • 180+ filters: Glitch, Blur, VHS, and more
  • AI noise removal.
  • Additional effects for YouTube and direct upload to TikTok.
  • Stock audio effects.
  • Multiple export options.

Cons of Movavi

  • Limited advanced editing tools.
  • One of the most expensive Windows Movie maker alternatives on this list. 
  • Not compatible with Apple Silicon M1


Although you can download the Movavi video editor for free to access all its advantages and tools, you need to subscribe to one of the following plans:

  • Video Suite: Get access to the video editor, converter, and screen recording for $89.95 per year.
  • Video Suite + Photo Editor: For $99.95, get access to key features.
  • Movavi Unlimited: Access all Movavi products for $149.95, billed annually. 

How does it compare to Movie Maker?

While no one can deny that Windows Movie Maker was revolutionary for Windows users, it falls a bit short compared to all the video editing tools and benefits of Movavi.

Create your first video with the best Windows Movie Maker alternative

Among so many good Windows Movie Maker alternatives, we know how difficult it is to choose an option to start editing... but if you like the idea of being able to have total creative control from start to finish, save money and time, and make your life very easy when it comes to editing, Synthesia is the best option.

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