6 Types Of B2B Marketing Videos To Supercharge Your Strategy

Written by
Kevin Alster
Published on
June 12, 2024
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People love videos. 

Everywhere you go, everywhere you scroll, there’s a video waiting. 

A video there to educate, entertain, sell, or help. 🤳

And in 2023 and beyond, no one denies that B2B marketing videos are a powerful tool for businesses of any size.

Did you know? 💡

86% of marketers say video helps them generate leads.

Video is easy to digest, engaging, informative, and, quite frankly, fun!

Here are six popular B2B videos for your next marketing campaign. It’s time to blow those quarterly acquisition and revenue targets out of the water! 💥

Best all-rounder video type: B2B explainer videos 

Explainer videos — also known as product videos — are a quick, straightforward overview of what you are selling. They’re one of the most frequently used B2B marketing videos.

Here’s a great example of a B2B video: 

Company Video - Example

Product videos touch on your target audience’s pain points, show how your product can help, and highlight a few stand-out features. 

They’re a great type of video marketing for you to start with and are usually no longer than 90 seconds. Plus, you have various production techniques, such as live-action, animation, vector animation, and talking heads.

Explainer video tips:

  • Due to the short length of these videos, move your script quickly from addressing the problem, introducing your product as the solution, and adding a call to action. Click here to learn more about writing a great video script.
  • Don’t skip out on adding humor if it fits your business. It creates a connection between you and your potential customer.
  • Put your video front and center; websites’ landing pages and YouTube are great places to feature it.

Want to learn more about making explainer videos? Check this article:

Improve onboarding & retention: B2B educational videos 

Educational videos are the ultimate post-sale experience for your customer. How-to video content includes everything your prospects, leads, and customers need to know about your product or service.

Did you know? 💡

Almost 50% of internet users watched a how-to tutorial video every week. That's why B2B marketing campaigns should always include tutorial content; it gives customers better product knowledge and shows commitment to customer satisfaction. Here you can find some tips on how to quickly make video tutorials ➔

Educational content provides customer tutorials, onboarding how-to's, industry news videos, webinars, or even employee training videos.

When dealing with complex features or difficult concepts, it's good to break videos up into bite-size tutorial videos.

Check out the learning template below:

Microlearning video template

How-to B2B video marketing can take many different forms; some businesses call them a tutorial library, others a learning academy, and some stick to embedding videos into support documentation.

What to keep in mind when creating B2B educational videos?

  • Use screen recordings so your target audience can follow along.
  • Use simple language in your voiceover and avoid confusing viewers with jargon.
  • Break up your features into categories and create a video for each section.
  • Tackle news topics that relate to your industry to develop thought-leadership educational content.
  • Establish your company as an industry leader by hosting live webinars with Q&A sessions, and a panel of experts.
  • When there’s an update to your product’s features, you’ll need to update your videos.

Tip 💡

Updating a marketing video doesn’t necessarily mean you have to re-record or contract a video production team again. You can easily edit existing videos with an AI video maker like Synthesia ➔

Video type best for leads: B2B Product demo videos 

A demo video is a long-form demonstration or tutorial that details how your product or service works. It is a visual walkthrough explaining (not just highlighting) core features and functions in practice. 

A marketing video that demos a product runs between 10 and 30 minutes long and is often filmed in a webinar format. They’re great if your current target market struggles to understand how your product works under the hood.

Easiest video type: B2B customer testimonial videos 

Customer testimonial videos are the new word of mouth.

It’s one thing to tell people how great you are, but when other people sing your praises… that’s gold for your marketing strategy! 🥰

A video testimonial gives your viewers an unbiased and unscripted review of the results you’ve achieved for a customer.

You can gain your target audience’s trust through customer testimonials, highlight what you offer, and get the edge over your competitors. It fits perfectly into the lifecycle of any B2B company during the consideration or decision-making stage.

3 ways to get video testimonials for B2B marketing

1️⃣ Initiate the request for a testimonial over email or after you have received positive feedback.

2️⃣ Schedule a formal shoot with customers to create videos

OR do a video call to record the testimonial interview style.

OR invite your customers to record themselves and send the video to you.

3️⃣ You can also source written testimonials from the internet, for example, Google or Facebook, and use it as additional footage or voiceover in a testimonial montage.

Here's an example of a testimonial video:

Testimonial Video

Most underrated video type: B2B brand videos

A brand video shows your company’s values and mission. It details the inner workings of your team, makes your brand more human, and is designed to make the viewer feel like they know who you are. 

This type of B2B video does well on the about page of your website or on social media platforms. It can: 

  • Build trust with new visitors and customers 
  • Attract investors and employees with the health of your company culture
  • Convince top talent that your company is fantastic to work for. 

In the video below, Salesforce doesn’t mention their sales pitch, even in passing. It’s all about their mission to create a better world and more sustainable business practices. This brand video perfectly captures the essence of their mission and seamlessly conveys it to viewers:

Salesforce Video

Best video type to win trust: B2B case study videos 

Case studies for your business are like customer testimonials fitted with a turbo engine!

Case study videos take this general format: 

  • The initial reason why your customer chose your company
  • The services they used to resolve their problem
  • How the services work out in practice
  • The long-tail results related to revenue or a similar KPI 

When your customer isn’t speaking, case studies are often narrated or supported with title slides and statistics. You can even include screen recordings and photos:

Case Study Video with Synthesia

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