6 Best Training Video Production Companies of 2023

Karina Kasparova
May 16, 2023

Video production has come a long way from cinema to enhanced production and training videos for professionals and businesses within the corporate world. As technology aligns with a business's needs, service delivery is also altered. For example, in the past, your company likely would've elected production companies with teams, editors, special effects, localization software, and more to produce a single training video.

While traditional training video production companies are still good, it's time to re-evaluate the possibility of using AI to produce your company's next training videos.

The 6 best training video production companies are:
  1. Mind Spring
  2. Synthesia
  3. Demo Duck
  4. Animoto
  5. Switch Video
  6. Skeleton Productions

1. Mind Spring

What is Mind Spring?

Mind Spring produces animated training videos that expertly outline business objectives and goals while creating understandable, internal training videos for businesses. They are a video production company known for its innovative approach to creating training videos and its ability to produce engaging and effective videos that meet the unique needs of its clients.

Mind Spring uses a team of experts, including instructional designers, scriptwriters, animators, and videographers, who work collaboratively to create videos. This is video production at its core, offering experts in each related field, all coming together to produce video content that has been mastered using various techniques.

What is it best for?

  • Mind Spring is best for businesses that prefer to outsource their video idea and wish to see their idea conceptualized into video content without needing team input every step of the way, similar to other training video production companies.
  • They also create high-quality training videos that aim to convert educational information into comprehensible content that can be easily followed.
  • Mind Spring works with various industries, including healthcare, finance, and technology, to create training videos that educate and engage their audience.
  • If you're looking for a platform to cover a range of topics, from onboarding and compliance training to sales and marketing training, Mind Spring is your partner of choice.
  • They also offer additional services, such as interactive e-learning courses, virtual reality training, and augmented reality training, that aim to provide businesses with a comprehensive solution for their training needs. Overall, Mind Spring is one of the best training video production companies.

💸 Pricing

  • Available upon request.

2. Synthesia

Welcome to Synthesia

Other companies mentioned have one thing in common - they produce videos using human resources. Outsourcing every aspect of video and animation production can get a little pricey, especially for startups, and not everyone has access to a video production company.

Naturally, you still want a professional training video that is monetarily achievable. That's where AI training video production enters the playing field. Instead of racking up camera gear costs, pre, and post-production, AI takes on those human roles to produce a training video.

What is Synthesia?

Synthesia is a cloud-based platform that utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to generate a hyper-realistic training video from inputting scripts, text, and prompts.

What is it best for?

  • Synthesia is more scalable than traditional video production. Traditional training video production from the companies mentioned above usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to produce a single training video. However, with Synthesia, video production and safety training videos are possible within minutes.
  • Synthesia is a cheaper alternative to traditional training video production companies as video production does not require actors, film equipment, directors, and editors.
  • Using Synthesia will result in faster video output. Unlike traditional training video production, no pitch, time-consuming approval meetings, and no internal conflicts during idea generation are required—meaning the entire process is streamlined, more productive, and quicker. This results in increased company productivity.
  • Synthesia is easier to use. The interface is built with prompts and is easy to navigate, accompanied by a help center. The platform doesn't require its users to have editing experience, making it a brilliant alternative for startups who don't have the budget for an editing team.
  • With Synthesia, the creator fully controls the design and production process. Don't like the Avatar? Switch it out. Don't like the coloring? Add your brand colors. Want a specific Avatar? Give Synthesia your request, and it shall be granted. Synthesia was designed with human preference in mind, and the interface ensures it can replicate training videos exactly how you envisioned them, with the appropriate prompts and guidance.

💸 Pricing

  • Personal plans start at $30, billed monthly.
  • Premium plan prices are available upon request.

3. Demo Duck

What is Demo Duck?

Demo Duck offers training video production services and is a corporate video production company that prides itself on its ability to produce training videos that simplify complex systems and concepts.

They mainly use animation and motion graphics to create engaging educational and interactive videos. Their client base includes the likes of Dropbox, American Express, and the American Cancer Society.

Their team takes on the role of an in-house production team and can handle everything from concept development to post-production. The process includes multiple rounds of feedback to ensure that the final product meets the client's expectations.

What is it best for?

  • Demo Duck is best for businesses that require specialized training videos to illustrate concepts within each company's department.
  • You'll have the choice of either an animation explainer video or a live-action production that uses actors, filmmakers, and editors to produce the video.
  • Depending on your business needs, you can decide which types of training videos to use that will accurately appeal to your audience—for example, deciding if you want to create unique educational content, animated explainer video, product training videos, or demo videos.
  • Demo Duck would also benefit businesses that wish to streamline their content systems.

💸 Pricing

  • Demo Duck's pricing varies depending on the project's scope, but they offer transparent pricing options that start at $10,000 for a 60-90 second video.
  • Additionally, they suggest you consider spending a minimum of $16 000 to ensure optimum return on investment.

4. Animoto

What is Animoto?

Video creation platform, Animoto, allows users to create professional-looking training videos using prebuilt templates, stock footage, and music. Emphasis on the "you." The only downside to Animoto is that you still have to edit the training videos heavily to your requirements and will still need an assistant/ team member with video editing experience, which counteracts the outsourcing aspect of the training video production process. Essentially, you are the graphic coordinator, scriptwriter, filmmaker, and editor. You'll also need your graphics uploaded as vectors, ready to insert into the video.

What is it best for?

  • Animoto is a training video production company for businesses on a smaller budget and small startup ventures without well-established corporations' capital.
  • This option allows for professional training video production without bankrupting the company.
  • The platform is designed to be user-friendly, making it a great choice for businesses or individuals who don't have extensive training video production experience.
  • Animoto caters to businesses that produce marketing videos, including training and promotional videos.

💸 Pricing

  • $8 per month for their personal plan, which includes unlimited videos up to 10 minutes long and access to their music library.
  • Their professional plans range from $15 to $39 per month and include unlimited videos up to 30 minutes long with additional customization features.

5. Switch Video

What is Switch Video?

Switch Video's expertise lies within the realm of animated explainer video production. Their highly customizable animated videos allow businesses to create videos that fit their branding and messaging. Additionally, they maintain a human relationship with their clients and work collaboratively throughout the production process to ensure that the final product meets their expectations. They also offer add-on services such as script consultation, translation services, and further revisions for an additional cost. Switch Video has worked with established clients like Microsoft, HP, and American Express.

What is it best for?

  • You'll want to use Switch Video for your business if you'd like to be personally involved in producing your video while having expert animators and designers with professional training to ensure that your video exudes professionalism.
  • Switch Video is a great training video production company that blends both, giving you and your business more experience within the video generation landscape.
  • Switch Video caters to company training video production, retail training videos, corporate training video production, and customer relations videos.

💸 Pricing

  • Pricing starts at $7,500 for a 60-90 second animated video. This includes scriptwriting, storyboarding, voiceover, animation, and music.

6. Skeleton Productions

What is Skeleton Productions?

Skeleton Productions is a training video production company emphasizing strategic thinking and creativity while producing corporate training videos. They do this to ensure that the core of the business is enhanced by technology rather than lost within the kerfuffle of after-effects. To achieve this, they use a collaborative and creative approach and offer transparent pricing throughout quotes and requests, making them a reliable choice for businesses of all sizes. They provide various video services, including animation, live-action video production, and virtual events.

What is it best for?

  • Skeleton Productions is best for corporate training video production for technology-orientated, retail, and business-to-business brands looking to promote their services through a video format.
  • For those who aren't naturally creative and unable to create new worlds like J.K Rowling, Skeleton Productions will draft an idea and video plan and execute it upon your approval.
  • Additionally, Skeleton Productions offers a bespoke content strategy alongside corporate training video production for clients with a marketing budget of over one million pounds.

💸 Pricing

  • Pricing starts at £4,000 for a 60-90 second animated video.
  • Live-action video production services start at £7,000 for a 1-2 minute video.

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Overall, Synthesia AI is far superior to traditional video production companies because the generated videos are scalable, cheaper, faster, and easier to navigate. While also giving the creator complete control over the editing and creation process. Go on, test your videography skills, and try out Synthesia's free demo for your business.

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