How to Make an Internal Communication Video in 5 Minutes

Karina Kasparova
May 17, 2023

Suppose you're receiving directives from the top of your company and must pass the information along via video. In that case, you understand the displeasure of whipping out a camera and running lines.

Or if your company has decided that videos are the best way to go, you might need to start prepping for your few minutes of fame.

Now, as much as this sounds like smooth sailing, it takes an awful lot of effort to set up cameras and run lines repeatedly until you get the perfect result. All this just to pass information along?

How about we show you how to create an internal communications video in five minutes? No cameras and no microphones.

With the AI video creation tool from Synthesia, you can make as many videos as you want, regardless of how detailed or brief the instructions are.

Here's how to leverage your internal communications strategy for employee communications with video.

Step 1: Get your script ready

The foundation of good video content, including workplace material, lies in the script. You can't just stand in front of a camera and yap away.

So, this is the very first step.

Keep the recipients of the video content in mind as you write. Remember that the script must fit the purpose of your internal communications video.

Perhaps you can liaise with whoever provided you with the information to ensure the messaging is clear.

To help you get the script for your video on lock, here's a blog post on how to write a video script.

Step 2: Choose a video template

With a good script at the ready, you can now move on to stage two: pick a template or create your own from scratch.

Log in to your Synthesia STUDIO account and check out the 55+ templates already available to you or go ahead and create your own.

The template will be a base for all your video elements.

Examples of Synthesia video templates

To start a new video from a template, go to your Synthesia STUDIO dashboard and click on 'Templates' in the left-hand corner.

You could also choose to import a PowerPoint presentation for the backdrop of your videos.

Alternatively, you can start from scratch or create your own branded video template:

The perfect video template 🖼

Use this polished and professional template for internal communication videos.

Head Office Video Template: Clear, concise & professional

Step 3: Select the avatar you'll use

This is where you pick an avatar to present your video. Simply click 'Avatar' on top of your video canvas to choose a suitable option for your video.

You will note that most avatars have different framing—chest-up and waist-up.

You can use one framing across all your slides or mix them for visual variation.

Did you know? 🤔

You can create a custom avatar of yourself or your team member to make you internal communication videos more personalized.

Step 4: Paste in the script and create the voice-over

Now, you'll need to paste your script into the script boxes on the different slides.

After you paste some text in the script box, you'll note that Synthesia has automatically identified the language and assigned a suitable voice to your avatar.

If you wish to change the voice over, click on the voice selector in the top-left corner.

Step 5: Edit, edit, edit

If you created your template from scratch, this is the point where you add animations, transitions, and visuals to give your video that extra oomph.

Some of the visuals you can add include text, images, icons, shapes, videos, screen recordings, transitions, and music.

Click 'Media' on your video canvas to add images, videos, and icons. Then 'My library' to add images you've already used or upload new ones directly from your computer.

To add music, click on the right-hand side of a scene and open the music menu. There, you will find some stock options you can use or upload your own.

Transitions are another visual element that can make your videos pop. To add a transition, click on the right-hand side of a the video canvas and select the 'Scene transition' option. From there, you can choose any available options for that scene.

For a more detailed guide on adding any of these elements, read this blog on making a video in Synthesia.

Step 6: Generate your video content and publish it

Congratulations! You've successfully created an effective internal communication video.

Press the 'Play' button in the top-right corner to preview your video. If you're patting yourself on the back for a job well done, click 'Generate.'

The video will take a bit to generate before you download, publish, or share it.

Easy as pie, right? Goodbye to boring texts and long emails. Now your employees get to receive training, directives, and announcements in a fancy and engaging way. Communication just got fun!

Effective internal communications videos must not be made the traditional way. Leverage Synthesia to create quick, professional, and engaging videos for your employees in no time.

Why AI Videos for Internal Communications Are a Powerful Tool

1. It's more personal

Whether it's company culture information for new employees or an announcement for remote work employees, using videos as part of your internal communication strategy provides a personal touch that can improve employee engagement more than any other communication channel. These videos also foster connectedness between employees and management.

2. It's modern and professional

Internal video communication is professional and presents your company as up-to-date with the latest communications strategy.

Besides a professional approach, internal communication videos made with Synthesia are modernistic in the digital age.

3. It is more effective

Brief video content like this is cost-effective. There's no need to budget for cameras and microphones. With this all-in-one editing software at your fingertips, you can start creating effective internal communications videos.

Using video communications also boosts productivity in the workplace as employees will be on the same page working towards a common goal.

Explore Synthesia for Your Internal Communications Videos Today

What are you waiting for? Create your first AI internal communications video today. Try a free demo to test it out.

You can also check out any of these internal comms video examples and use them as templates for your next video content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Internal Communications Videos?

Internal communication videos are mainly used by HR, CEOs, and communication managers to disseminate useful information such as announcements, directives, training, and onboarding info to employees in a company.

Internal comms or internal communications could be anything from company announcements to training and directives.

Simply put, internal communications are information, tasks, and requests moving upward and downward between senior management and lower-level employees. It is predominantly a vertical business communication strategy.