14 Best Recruitment Video Examples

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Kevin Alster
Published on
June 4, 2024
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Recruitment videos are a fantastic way to connect with the best candidates, regardless of the type of company you have or the size.

So, we made a list of the best recruitment videos you've ever seen to inspire you to create your own videos instead of plain text-based job postings.

But before we jump into that, why should every HR professional, including your team, need recruiting videos?

Here are four reasons why you should start creating employee recruitment videos:

  1. With recruitment videos, it is easy to reach multiple candidates.
  2. Videos are a better way to show personality than regular job postings.
  3. Recruitment videos are profitable and time-effective.
  4. Connecting with and attracting your perfect talent pool with a great recruitment video is easy.

1. Attract top talent with this recruitment video

(Template/Example) An Overview of Company Benefits

If you want to get the attention of the best candidates, this video is a must.

This short but powerful video clip is an attractive overview of all the benefits that await the selected candidate, such as health insurance, retirement plan, work-life balance, and paid time off.

Why we like it

There are three main reasons why we love this recruitment video so much.

First, it's a great and creative way of pointing out why this company is the best workplace. Second, the video creates a sense of excitement about what to expect. And finally, we love that anyone can use this video template and tailor it to their business.

With Synthesia, you can duplicate videos, edit and tailor them in just minutes with your video script, thanks to AI technology.

Why it works

  • It talks about things your prospective employees are interested in.
  • Has engaging effects and transitions.
  • Straightforward.
  • There is a presenter that catches our attention. 

➡️ Click here to use this video as a template.

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People respond to virtual humans similarly to real humans. That's why AI videos are so powerful and engaging to all of us.

2. Get inspired by this creative recruitment video from Let's Get Digital

The most entertaining recruitment video @ Let's Get Digital

Nobody said that there is only one way to make company recruiting videos, and this is the best example of that. 

Through this entertaining and creative recruiting video, Let's Get Digital shares who they are, what they do, and how they do it.

Why we like it

We like this short video because it is a non-traditional recruitment video.

Why it works

  • A creative and innovative way to explain the interview process.
  • It was entertaining for prospective candidates.
  • Makes you think you are part of the video.
  • Funny text and image content.

3. Connect with job seekers using company recruitment videos

(Template/Example) Professional Development and Career Growth

93% of millennials prioritize skills development, which means that to get the best talent, you need to tell your candidates how your company will help them grow professionally.

That's why this clip is one of the best recruitment videos.

The video is intended to inform candidates how much the company cares about seeing its employees grow. He also talks about how much the company invests in creating programs and resources that help employees develop professionally.

Why we like it

It is a straightforward video that mentions the company's culture, interest in seeing you grow, and all the available resources to learn new skills and grow professionally.

Why it works

  • The company values are reinforced.
  • Friendly for everyone.
  • The video highlights facts every job candidate wants to know.
  • Fully customizable video template.

➡️ Click here to use this video as a template.

4. Excite any candidate like Jaguar did with this excellent recruitment video

Jaguar | Next Generation Recruitment with Gorillaz

Jaguar transformed what could have been a generic recruitment video into an exciting call for top talent.

This Jaguar recruitment video revolves around finding the best "agent/software engineer" to complete an important secret mission: program a Jaguar.

Why we like it

With this video, Jaguar offers a personalized tone and emotions to click with the audience, specifically with its next software engineer.

Why it works

  • It's a fantastic example of targeted outreach.
  • Tailored to the company's needs and the company culture.
  • Exciting and entertaining to watch.

5. Beamery recruits by showing who their workforce is

Probably the best (or worst) recruitment video ever

This is not your typical recruiting video where employees are interviewed. In fact, for the entire 2 minutes, you won't hear anything about what the employees think of the Beamery.

So then, what is the video about?

The video is basically a candid and funny recruitment video that shows how happy the employees are at that company. 

Why we like it

We like it because it's a recruitment video made with real employees, making connecting with the company's culture and values easier.

Why it works

  • Triggers emotions of potential applicants.
  • Visually attractive.
  • Creative video to express the brand values.
  • Reflects the workplace culture through the employees.

6. Adobe's customized recruitment video showcase

Level Up Your Career: Become An Adobe Technical Account Manager

Adobe knows that the first step in finding the right person for the job is to ensure they understand what you're looking for.

So, to avoid confusing qualified job candidates, Adobe has created this video to find their next Technical Account Manager.

Throughout this next recruitment video, Adobe explains what an Account Management Technician does and what it's like to work for Adobe.

Why we like it

We like this kind of recruitment video because it explains to the target candidates what the job is about and what is expected of them and gives information about how cool Adobe is.

Why it works

  • Makes the hiring process easier for everyone
  • Attract candidates who want that job.
  • It's an excellent job description.

7. Fort Worth Police Department recruits through laughter

Fort Worth police get creative with infomercial recruitment | USA TODAY

Before we saw this video, we didn't know that a police recruitment video could be so much fun.

The Fort Worth Police Recruiting Department used humor to get candidates' attention.

When the Fort Worth Police created this recruiting video, we imagined that the main goal was to get the attention of everyone, and we do not doubt that they succeeded.

Why we like it

The video is funny, entertaining, creative, and not at all like what we would expect from the police department, and that's precisely what makes it one of the best recruitment videos ever.

Why it works

  • It is hilarious and entertaining to watch.
  • It uses the surprise element ( as it is nothing we would have expected from the police).
  • It is creative.
  • Straightforward video. 

8. Best customizable company culture recruitment video

(Template/Example) Company Culture and Values

Another type of video that cannot be missed during the recruitment process is all those that talk about the culture and values of the company, like this video.

This video lets job seekers know the company's values and culture.

And why is it so important to share this information as HR professionals?

Because the values and culture are what distinguish any company or business.

Why we like it

It is an entertaining company culture video that allows potential candidates to understand its core values in just a few minutes.

Why it works

  • Comprehensive video format.
  • This recruitment video highlights the company's values.
  • Entertaining.
  • Triggers empathy.

➡️ Click here to use this video as a template.

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9. Amazon Prime's exciting recruitment video

Prime Video is Hiring

These types of recruitment videos demonstrate that less is more.

For example, in just 15 seconds, Amazon Prime communicates available positions, excites candidates, and culminates with a clear call to action.

Why we like it

This Amazon Prime Video is a short, straightforward, entertaining, and powerful recruitment video example. 

Why it works

  • Short and powerful.
  • Entertaining.
  • Goes straight to the point. 

10. A recruitment video to reach thousands of candidates

WeWork's Pledge to Hire 1,500 Refugees | Refugee Initiative | WeWork

The great thing about recruitment videos is that you can reach top talent no matter where they are, and WeWork took that "reaching power" with this video to the next level.

In 2018, WeWork decided they wanted to hire 1,500 refugees over the next five years and to find those candidates regardless of where they were, they made videos like this one.

Why we like it

In addition to being a personal and emotional video, it also gives us a glimpse of the kind of company WeWork is. 

Why it works

  • Inspirational.
  • Makes it easy to connect with the company culture.
  • Powerful storytelling. 

11. Dropbox's innovative "employee interview" video

Working at Dropbox

The video you just watched is one of the most creative examples.

With this video, Dropbox recruiters found a way to turn a traditional interview video into something more, thanks to their clever use of puppets and other visual gags.

Why we like it

Dropbox went above and beyond and created a new way to communicate and connect with future candidates, using no more than puppets. 

Why it works

  • Entertaining.
  • Unique approach.
  • Fun to watch.

12. The BBHLondon recruitment video will inspire you to apply 

The Power of Difference

Few recruitment videos can touch your soul as this one can.

BBHLondon used the power of imagery and storytelling to connect with the viewer and tell a story that resonates with all potential candidates.

Why we like it

The video uses different visual and narrative resources to connect with you and make you feel they are looking for you and only you.

Why it works

  • Shows in what the company focuses on.
  • Inspirational and entertaining video.
  • Great storytelling.

13. Intuo makes an excellent branding video for future employees

We have a problem... - intuo employer branding video

Recruiting videos are not just for finding top talent; they are also an excellent opportunity to sell your company to the rest of the world, and Intuo knows this. 

Intro made a video on why "employees don't want to leave" and created a great branding video that, while intended for recruiting, also works as marketing.

Why we like it

This Intuo branding video is a selling point for interested candidates and anyone who wants to do business with this company.

Why it works

  • Easy to understand and remember.
  • Recruitment /marketing video.
  • Great video content. 

14. McDonald's shows the importance of understanding your potential applicant

McDonald's Anime Commercial [1&2] English Sub

McDonald's masters the concept of localization like no other company and understands that to find your ideal candidate, you must know how to reach them. 

This recruitment video that McDonald's made for Japan uses anime to connect with their ideal Japanese candidate. 

Why we like it

We like that it looks like you're watching a cartoon, not a recruitment video, and who doesn't like comics?

Why it works

  • Targets the ideal candidate.
  • It uses animation to connect with the viewer.
  • It is entertaining to watch. 

Create your video and recruit the best talent

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