How to: Turn Newsletters into Engaging Videos

March 30, 2021

Text-based newsletters are cool... But a bit "old school." In today's world of Instagram stories and TikTok videos, your readers' attention spans are shorter than ever.

So how about turning those newsletters into short videos? Well, that's now possible.

With Synthesia, you can create engaging, bite-sized video newsletters in less than 10 minutes - it's as easy as writing an email. Check below 3 examples of newsletters that can be turned into a video:

Why should I create video-newsletters?

  • video is 9x more engaging than text 📈
  • you are being innovative/differentiate from the rest 🔮

Those are good reasons, aren't they? Add to that increased click-through rates, conversions, and overall engagement with your newsletters. In less than 10 minutes of work. It’s a no brainer, if you ask us 😉

What do I need?

  • a Synthesia account
  • your script, brand assets (e.g. logo, images etc.) - all the stuff that you already use for your "normal" newsletter.

How do I set it up?

Here are 3 basic steps to create video-newsletters with Synthesia STUDIO:

  1. Create or go to your Synthesia account. Click on create new video and select your avatar. Choose an avatar that better represents your brand, and experiment with different voices, tones and accents. Check this article for more tips on how to improve pronunciation.
  2. Prepare your script. Write your script and make sure your video is no longer than 2 minutes. Research shows that this is the optimal length for an informative video, and you don't want to bore your customers.
  3. Edit the video. Edit the layout by adding custom backgrounds, images, shapes and text. You can watch a few "how to" videos in this youtube playlist to learn more about features that will help you be more creative. Keep it simple and clean, you can always go back and edit your video.

How can I use these videos?

You can start by replacing parts of your newsletter with video, or you can decide to go full in - experimentation is the name of the game. With Synthesia, you're sure to find it easy, fast and efficient - and your customers will love it. In fact, when we tried the concept of video newsletters internally with our team, one of our colleagues said:

"I never would have read the newsletter, but I watched this 2 minutes video and loved it".

Try it yourself, it's as easy as writing an email.

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