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Training video production has never been easier. Make your own training videos from text in minutes right in your browser.

  • Generate training videos from text
  • Communicate in 70+ languages
  • No video editing experience required
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How to Make a Great Training Video in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Choose an AI avatar

Choose from 70+ video avatars or make your own custom avatar. No actors or webcam needed.

Step 2: Paste your text

Just paste in your training video content and script. We support 70+ languages. No voice overs needed.

Step 3: Generate video

Your AI training video will be created in just a few minutes. Translate, download or stream it after.

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    Professional-looking video

Training video production in minutes

Synthesia is not your usual training video production company. Here's why.

Produce training videos on demand

Eliminate the need for actors, cameras and studios. Take the training video production process into your own hands.


Communicate in 70+ languages

Engage your employees world-wide with training videos in their native language. See our collection of languages, accents, and voices.


Use AI presenters

Put a face on your training video with an AI video presenter. Choose from 65+ avatars or create your own custom avatar.


Synthesia Avatars

Below you can demo the avatars currently available on Synthesia.

All features

See the overview of all features available in Synthesia STUDIO.
Text to video
Transform simple text into professional-looking video for the first time ever. Videos can be up to 30 minutes long.
60+ Languages
We currently support 60+ different languages. We are constantly adding more accents and voices to the platform. See languages here.
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60+ AI avatars
With Synthesia you have out-of-the-box access to 40+ avatars. We are always adding more presenters to the platform. See them here.
Custom avatars
You can easily create your own presenter. It takes only 5 minutes. This is a paid add-on feature. Read more about it here.
Custom backgrounds
Easily upload any image or video as a background to your videos. Ideal resolution is 1920x1080.
Audio uploads
Record real voice clips and upload them to create video clips with your AI presenter. Only available in the corporate version.
Background music
We have prepared a selection of background music that you can freely add as a background sound to your videos.
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MP4 downloads
Each video comes in Full HD (1920x1080) resolution and you can freely download them from the platform.
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Video sharing pages
Each video gets a dedicated video sharing page. Easily share the video with your colleagues or clients or embed it on your website.
Synthesia templates - icon
Multi-slide videos
Combine several Synthesia videos into one video. Now you can create rich slide deck video experiences in just a few minutes.
Update video content
With Synthesia, you can simply duplicate the video, change the text and have an updated version of a video in just a few minutes.
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Add text, images, shapes
Add additional text, image or shape elements to your videos directly in Synthesia. No more annoying switching between different tools.

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Using Synthesia, we developed a virtual facilitator to guide learners through a training session, which resulted in over 30% increase in engagement our of e-learning.

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With Synthesia, it took me less than a week to turn 30 help articles into 2-minute videos. It's super intuitive and easy to use.

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Thanks to the explainer videos created with Synthesia, we booked 35% more meetings compared to previous trade shows.

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Beautiful and powerful results with little effort
We have built a training academy for our SaaS product with Synthesia. It currently consist of 39 videos over nine courses. Synthesia has enabledus to iterate
G2 Logo 5 Star review
Synthesia - Dan
Great product with even greater customer support
Synthesia allows us fast video productions with impressive results. It´s a great problem solver for our internal communication as well as for our training
G2 Logo 5 Star review
Synthesia - Dan
Easy-to-use and immediate wow-effect
The fact that you can create a video in multiple languages and change it in a sec after you found a mistake or the information changed is a breeze.
G2 Logo 5 Star review
Synthesia - Dan
The tool I have been waiting for years

Synthesia is straightforward to use. No additional peripherals, like cams and microphones needed. The results are impressive. Everything is optimized, so you are not forced to decide on tens of confusing settings.

G2 Logo 5 Star review
Synthesia client - Diego R.
A great tool for creating videos!

As an educational institution, we need to produce educational materials in 2 languages. Synthesia helps us to create high quality content in both languages, saving time and money — without compromising on quality.

G2 Logo 5 Star review
Synthesia client - Nataly R.
Great product with even greater customer support

Synthesia allows us to use video for situations we do not normally have resources for. So far, it has been used for product training, internal communication or explaining new processes.

G2 Logo 5 Star review
Jana M.
Beautiful and powerful results with little effort

We have built a training academy for our SaaS product with Synthesia. We managed to produce 20 professional-looking training videos in just three weeks.

G2 Logo 5 Star review
Tue S. Synthesia custoemr
Great resource for Training & Communication initiatives

We're using Synthesia to create explainer videos. It's just easier, faster, and more cost-effective to use Synthesia than to record an actual person doing the explanation.

G2 Logo 5 Star review
Synthesia customer - Luis F.G

All your training video questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions

What are corporate training videos?

Corporate training videos are videos created for the purpose of training employees. The actual training can target career and skill development, compliance and information security training, health and safety training, or new product/software training.

Corporate training videos are also useful for new employee onboarding and orientation.

Who makes training videos for companies?

Traditionally, training video and corporate video content is created by training video production companies. The whole process takes place over the course of a few weeks, and usually involves a professional setup with a studio, actors, cameras and other equipment.

Alternatively, training videos can be created online using in-browser applications. These applications usually use animation to create videos, but some, like Synthesia, leverage the power of AI to create training videos from text with lifelike AI presenters.

How much does it cost to make a training video?

Video production services are costly. The cost will depend on the style of video - is it a fully animated video or is it a project filmed with real actors? How long is the video? How many team members are working on it? Keeping in all of these factors in mind, a finished minute of video can cost anywhere between $300 and $5,000.

How do I create a corporate training video?

Start with planning. Think of the topic you want to cover and the type of video you want to create. Create a storyboard and write a script that will help convey your message in an effective way. Gather necessary visual and auditory material.

Next, create and edit your training video. Use a tool like Synthesia to cut down on the production cost and make your video in a browser from start to finish without using actors or any filming equipment.

Finally, host and distribute your video. Use a Learning Management System (LMS) or other authoring tool to host and deliver your educational video to employees. A system like this also allows you to track and report on the video's performance.

How long should a training video be?

People's attention spans are getting increasingly shorter, which is why it's important to get the length range of your video just right. Research suggests that the length range for any type of instructional video should be between 3-6 minutes, and no longer than 20 minutes. Any longer than that and you risk your viewers losing focus.

Are training videos effective?

Studies have shown that information presented through video rather than text results in better processing and learning in employees.

Of course, the effectiveness of a training video relies heavily on the quality of the content. A video with white text on a black background will be no more useful than a written document. On the other hand, a creative video with animated elements, an engaging script, and a human (or human-like) presenter offers a much better experience for employees.

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