7 Best eLearning blogs of 2024 (ranked by experts)

Written by
Kevin Alster
Published on
June 12, 2024
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Albert Einstein famously said, "Once you stop learning, you start dying."

And working in the eLearning industry, where new trends and technologies pop like fireworks every day, has never required more learning. There's an endless list of eLearning blogs and resources to discover, implement, and master. 

We've all been lost in a maze of webinars, articles, and "revolutionary" eLearning software and tools that promise the moon and deliver… something less exciting. Sifting through this jungle of information to find the golden nuggets from real companies and professionals who've done the actual work and testing can be exhausting. 

So, we asked L&D experts where they go to learn the best news and cutting-edge techniques and compiled the following list of eLearning blogs to help you:

  • Discover tried-and-tested techniques.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge insights.
  • Boost your career with actionable info that makes a difference.

1. One Useful Thing

One Useful Thing isn't one of those typical eLearning blogs. It's a portal to a deeper understanding of the impact of AI on career and education. Written by Professor Ethan Mollick, a leading authority on innovation and entrepreneurship at the Wharton School, the platform is packed with bite-sized, actionable insights drawn from cutting-edge research and real-world case studies.

Mollick's unique approach translates complex eLearning industry research into concise, valuable advice. He cuts through jargon like no other and distills big topics into practical commentaries.

Whether you're intrigued by the latest AI developments and their application in real-world scenarios or seeking guidance on navigating AI-driven transformation in workplaces and classrooms, this blog will give you thought-provoking, one-of-a-kind perspectives.

Add this resource to your list of must-read eLearning blogs if you want to pick the brain of an expert at the forefront of entrepreneurship and innovation research.

Did you know? 🤔

To better understand Professor Mollick's work, check out this report published by his Boston Consulting Group, How People Can Create - and Destroy - Value with Generative AI.

Elearning resources and topics covered:

  • AI in education and work
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Human-AI collaboration
  • The future of work and digital learning
  • Practical applications of AI
  • Demystifying AI technology

Publishing frequency: 3 times a month

2. Offbeat Works

Our second-best eLearning blog recommendation is a one-stop shop for insightful resources and online courses with expert guidance. If you want to level up your L&D skills and propel your career forward, read Offbeat Works before considering eLearning courses.

Behind the keyboard is Lavinia Mehedintu, a visionary Co-Founder and Learning Architect. She and the eLearning professionals in her team curate, analyze, and explain which resources are most useful in L&D. Unlike other eLearning blogs, the depth of content they provide is outstanding, with each post crafted to give you actionable insights and strategies.

These articles cover everything from L&D technology to case studies and the latest trends in personal development. Moreover, these posts debunk myths about learning styles and offer a fresh perspective on the role of technology in developing people managers. 

Offbeat Works doesn't just give you knowledge but empowers you to push the boundaries of traditional education and training. Check out their eclectic mix of content, from the practicalities of implementing Individual Development Plans to the cutting-edge integration of neuroscience into learning design.

Elearning resources and topics covered:

  • Implementing individual development plans
  • Neuroscience in learning design
  • L&D technology and authoring tools
  • Mentorship programs
  • Case studies in L&D
  • Learning autonomy
  • Organizational development

Publishing frequency: 3-4 times a month

3. Steal These Thoughts!

Searching for eLearning blogs that embody the "show your work" principle? Look no further now that you've found this learning blog by Ross Stevenson, a master at keeping AI strategy insights simple, explainable, and practical. His content on Steal These Thoughts! is so valuable you'll instantly want to run with it.

This blog makes complex concepts in AI and learning strategies approachable and actionable. It gives you intelligent strategies for effective AI collaboration, and it's brimming with tactical advice designed to promote growth. 

Stevenson is a seasoned strategist in the performance and eLearning industry who has worked with leading technology brands for the past two decades. His real-life experiences and perspectives on building high-performing L&D functions, designing rewarding careers, and developing future-fit learning strategies are one of a kind.

Check out Steal These Thoughts! and discover a goldmine of practical, no-nonsense advice. You'll consider it one of the best blogs for confidently and creatively navigating the AI-driven eLearning world.

Elearning resources and topics covered:

  • AI strategy and application in L&D
  • Building L&D functions
  • Career design and development
  • Skills for the future workforce
  • Practical AI eLearning tools for performance improvement

Publishing frequency: 5+ a month

4. Dr Philippa Hardman's substack

With a stark focus on elevating learner motivation, mastery, and joy, Dr. Philippa Hardman's substack is an insightful resource about using AI to craft quality learning design at all stages of the LXD process.

From content creation to assessments and everything in between, this weekly newsletter tackles it all with evidence-based strategies and actionable tips for educators and designers. 

Dr. Hardman aims to revolutionize learning design and improve education with AI and learning science principles. Her writing draws from extensive experience, exciting research, and current trends in the eLearning industry. And she generously shares practical guides to explore the potential of AI eLearning software to enhance your learning design.

If you want to craft learning experiences that follow the best eLearning trends and truly resonate with learners, subscribe to this newsletter. Dr. Hardman is an affiliated scholar at Cambridge University, a lauded online course designer, and a master in both the science of learning and the art of designing impactful learning experiences.

Elearning resources and topics covered:

  • AI in learning design and assessment
  • Evidence-based learning strategies
  • Enhancing academic integrity with AI
  • Structured prompting for educators
  • The future of online learning and AI eLearning software
  • Designing engaging learning experiences

Publishing frequency: 5+ a month

5. MAAS Marketing

At the heart of MAAS Marketing are Hannah Waddams and Ashley Sinclair, two dynamic, knowledgeable, and bold eLearning professionals. Unlike other learning blogs, this one blends marketing principles with deep L&D expertise, with the authors looking to reshape the L&D landscape by solving one of its most systemic issues: delivering impactful resources to employees.

Up high in the hierarchy of eLearning blogs, MAAS Marketing offers strategies from launching compelling learning campaigns to maximizing the potential of your learning management system. It's filled with innovative approaches and insights on how consistent marketing can revolutionize L&D functions, how to build learner personas, and how to create campaigns that truly resonate.

MAAS's strategies are designed to transform your learning culture and employer brand. Learn from these experts in the eLearning industry who don't just talk about change but sit at its forefront. Soon enough, you'll leverage learning management systems and tailored marketing strategies to foster meaningful connections with your teams.

Elearning resources and topics covered:

  • Transforming L&D functions through marketing
  • Building and utilizing learner personas
  • Effective learning campaigns
  • Email marketing in L&D
  • Adopting a marketing mindset in L&D

Publishing frequency: 2-5 times a month

6. The Learning Guild

The Learning Guild Blog is a hub for the latest observations and trends in organizational learning design, development, strategy, and management. As part of The Learning Guild community — a network renowned for its commitment to advancing the eLearning industry — the blog benefits from contributions by multiple leading experts and practitioners in the eLearning community.

You'll be impressed by its extensive collection of up-to-date eLearning articles that explore a wide range of topics, including the application of emerging technologies like AR, VR, and AI in learning, effective eLearning design strategies, and the intersection of learning analytics and performance improvement. 

Add this invaluable resource to your list of e-learning blogs to enhance your learning and development initiatives! As a reader, you'll have continuous access to golden free resources on e-learning — innovative ideas, tips and tricks, and the latest research findings. 

Elearning resources and topics covered:

  • Cutting-edge strategies and eLearning tools in L&D
  • AR, VR, and AI applications in learning
  • Web accessibility and inclusive instructional design
  • xAPI adoption and learning analytics
  • Enhancing ADDIE with AI
  • HR and L&D collaboration
  • Microlearning and workflow learning strategies

Publishing frequency: 15+ a month

7. Ozemio blog

Formerly known as the G Cube blog, Ozemio offers a diverse mix of eLearning content, from immersive upskilling techniques to leveraging data in learning design.

This rebranded learning blog is designed for professionals across various roles and industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and customer service. It caters to different interests and learning styles, and contributions from multiple L&D and HR professionals and industry experts ensure a rich collection of perspectives.

The blog is a mix of eLearning concepts, posts, case studies, white papers, webinars, and infographics relevant to the eLearning industry. The frequently explored topics include using tech — virtual reality, augmented reality, microlearning, and gamification — to enhance workplace learning and the impact of AI and remote work.

They don't publish weekly or even monthly, but they post a lot once they add content, so keep an eye on Ozemio!

Elearning resources and topics covered:

  • Immersive upskilling techniques
  • Value assessment of training programs
  • Data-driven eLearning design
  • Custom eLearning for talent transformation
  • Augmented reality in on-the-job employee training
  • Strategies for effective onboarding
  • The impact of mobile learning
  • Popular eLearning software for upskilling
  • Change management strategies
  • Utilizing video and animation to enhance training solutions
  • Ethics and compliance in corporate training

Publishing frequency: inconsistent; they often publish in bulk

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