Top 5 Lumen5 Alternatives You Should Know About

Written by
Ema Lukan
Published on
June 12, 2024
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Although no one can deny that Lumen5 is an easy-to-use and reliable platform with exciting features to broadcast quality video, in today's competitive world, chances are you need to find software with more advanced editing features. Why?

Just think about this stat:

720,000 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every day.

With so much material, it is easy for any video to get lost and go unnoticed. And we won't lie; standing out with that much competition can be challenging, but it's not impossible. 

So how can you get your YouTube videos or any video to stand out?

The best thing you can do is ensure the tools and software you use are up to par with advanced editing features. To make this easier for you, we have researched a few video editors to offer you the best Lumen5 alternatives.

5 Best Lumen5 Alternatives 🥇
  1. Synthesia
  2. InVideo
  3. Filmora
  4. WeVideo
  5. Biteable

Overview of Lumen5 

Before discussing some of the best Lumen5 alternatives, we thought it best to point out a few things about this platform.

So let's get straight to the point, should we?

Lumen5 is a video creation platform that easily converts text to video with just a few clicks. One of the main advantages of this editor is that you don't need previous experience to edit videos

Lumen5 Explainer Video

Pros of Lumen5

  • Create videos from blogs. 
  • Enhance your videos with callouts and cutaways.
  • Auto-generate captions for all your video clips.
  • User friendly.

 Cons of Lumen5

  • Multiple limitations when creating and editing video content.
  • No voiceover.

💸 Pricing

Lumen5 offers four different pay plans:

➡️ Basic:  You can get this plan for 19 USD per month.

➡️ Starter: Individual creators can get this plan for 59 USD.

➡️ Professional: Pro video storytellers can get this plan for 149 USD.

➡️ Custom: This plan is perfect for professionals looking for customizable subscriptions.

Now that you have a better idea of who lumen5 is, let's get to the good stuff: here are 5 top Lumen5 alternatives.

Alternative #1: Synthesia

Best for those looking for an online video maker that will make their life easier. 

Synthesia Product Demo | AI Talking Head Avatars (New!)

Our first alternative to Lumen5 on the list is the video maker Synthesia

With Synthesia, you can create engaging videos in more than 120 languages without fancy recording equipment. 

No matter if you want to create training videos or explainer videos, with Synthesia, it's always easy to bring any video clip to life thanks to its advanced AI features and 140+ avatars.

Some of the best features that make Synthesia the favorite choice of many are:

  • AI voices (text-to-speech) that eliminate the need for voiceover actors and self-recorded voiceovers.
  • Video templates to make your designing and editing process simpler. 
  • Screen recorder. Everything is in the same tool. 
  • Royalty-free assets are included, plus users can upload their own.
  • AI avatars that eliminate the need for using actors and create the most engaging videos. 

Did you know? 🤔

Among different types of instructional videos, informal talking head videos are the most engaging, and people respond to virtual humans similarly to real humans.

Pros of Synthesia

  • Short rendering time. 
  • Update videos quickly.
  • You can localize your content. 
  • Customizable templates.
  • No need to hire actors or equipment to record videos.
  • Large stock of music and graphics. 
  • Text-to-speech and voice cloning.
  • SOC 2 and GDPR compliant.

What to look out for

  • The pricing plans could be more flexible.
  • Synthesia can be pricer than other options.


Synthesia offers a free demo everyone can test and two paid plans:

  • Free AI video generator: You can access their free demo on their website.
  • Starter plan: Get 10 minutes of video for $29/month.
  • Creator plan: $67/month.
  • Enterprise plan: Individual Pricing for different users.

How does it compare to Lumen5?

In addition to having more editing features than Lumen5, Synthesia's AI functions make it easy to create professional videos.

For example, Infinite Peripherals took 48 hours to create four professional explainer videos with Synthesia, compared to 30 days if they had chosen to hire actors and third-party vendors.

As a final point, compared to other video editing platforms, Synthesia takes the protection of your data very seriously.

Alternative #2: InVideo

Best video maker for those who prefer to use their phone.

Text to viral video INSTANTLY with InVideo AI

If you want to make eye-catching video ads for your social networks from the comfort of your phone, this video editor is the alternative you need. 

InVideo gives you access to audio and video files and hundreds of templates to transform your ideas into professional-looking video clips

You can adjust or edit brightness, contrast, exposure, and video speed, apply multiple effects, and convert text to video. 

 Pros of InVideo

  • A free version is available. 
  • Easy to use.
  • Includes music, video, and stock images.
  • Converts text to video.
  • Many members can collaborate. 
  • More than 5000 templates are available.

Cons of InVideo

  • Video resolution is limited to 720p in the free version and 1080p in the paid plans. 
  • In the free version, the footage is available with watermarks.
  • Its automatic text-to-speech conversion tool does not sound as natural as other Lumen5 alternatives.

 💸 Pricing

As mentioned, InVideo has a free alternative and three paid plans from which to choose. 

➡️ Business: For only $15 monthly, influencers and small businesses benefit from InVideo.  

➡️ Unlimited: Larger teams or businesses can access all tools and stock for $30 monthly. 

➡️ Lifetime Business Plan: Access InVideo editor for life for $399. 

 How does it compare to Lumen5?

Unlike Lumen5, InVideo customers can choose from thousands of video templates and stock to create videos. In addition, InVideo's editor is more intuitive and best for influencers or video creators who prefer to edit on their phones. 

Alternative #3: Filmora

Best for those who are looking for a professional video editor to download.

Usher in a New Beginning With More Freedom to Creativity! | Wondershare Filmora 12

Filmora is a video editing program used by millions of people around the world. 

What is the secret of its popularity?

 Filmora is the favorite software of many video creators who want professional and advanced editing tools without breaking their heads to learn how to use them. 

 Filmora's goal is to provide intuitive software for editors to expand their creativity and publish digital content of the highest quality.

Pros of Filmora

  • Easy-to-use professional tool.
  • Automatic beat synchronization.
  • Supports multi-track editing.
  • Offers advanced features such as motion tracking, keyframing, split-screen presets, etc.
  • Screen recording.
  • Text-to-image and AI copywriting.
  • Multiple Filmora editions with different features. 

 Cons of Filmora

  • There is a learning curve.
  • Exporting videos can be time-consuming.
  • Requires downloading the program to the computer.
  • Customers have experienced crashes and bugs when using the program.

 💸 Pricing

Filmora has three plans that can be paid annually:

➡️ Annual plan: for $49.00 

➡️ Cross-Platform plan: For $59.00

➡️ Perpetual Plan: One-time payment of $79.99

 How does it compare to Lumen5?

Although Lumen5 has good editing tools, if we compare it with this platform, we can say that it falls a little short since Filmora has more advanced features.

 Alternative #4: WeVideo

Best for students and teachers

WeVideo | Online video editor

WeVideo is a video platform suitable for anyone who wants to share or narrate a story, particularly educators or students, due to its specialized collection of school and homework video templates.

Pros of WeVideo 

  • Online video editor.
  • Screen recording and green screen editing.
  • Audio enhancements.
  • Over 1 million multimedia files to choose from. 
  • Interactive tools. 
  • Editing is a breeze for any age. 
  • Customizable templates.

Cons of WeVideo

  • Like Filmora, there is a learning curve for some of the features. 
  • Outdated transitions and effects.
  • Video processing is slow. 
  • Lack of png graphics.

 💸 Pricing

WeVideo offers different plans for schools, large companies, and individuals, but in this article, we will stick to individual or small business subscriptions: 

➡️ Power: For $4.99/month

➡️ Unlimited:  For $7.99/month

➡️ Professional: For $19.99/month

➡️ Business: For $36.99/month

➡️ Enterprise: You can contact WeVideo to customize your plan. 

How does it compare to Lumen5?

Although suitable for almost any creator, WeVideo is best known as a video editor for teachers, students, or those planning to design workshops.

Moreover, unlike Lumen5, with WeVideo, you can edit videos using your computer or phone.  

Alternative #5: Biteable

Best for videos with lots of animations and motion graphics. 

Why Biteable is better

Biteable is another online video editor that helps you create animated videos.

With Biteable, you can promote your products, share business updates, create internal communications, advertise, etc. Long-short story, with Biteable, you can create different types of videos that drive action. 

Pros of Biteable

  • Easy to navigate and use.
  • Ready-to-use animations, stock images, and live-action videos. 
  • Over 1000 templates.
  • Voiceover.
  • You can collaborate with your team. 
  • Analytics. 

Cons of Biteable

  • Only the highest-paid plan offers to edit and shared projects.
  • Expensive plans.
  • You can create a video with the trial version, but you have to pay to download it.

💸 Pricing

These are the Biteable pricing subscriptions.

➡️ Pro: This plan costs $49 monthly but is billed annually for $588.

➡️ Premium: The Premium version will cost you $99 monthly but is billed annually for $1,188.

How does it compare to Lumen5?

The clearest difference between Lumen5 and Biteable is the animation.

Also, Biteable is a great way to create videos that advertise and promote your product or something related to your business. However, keep in mind that due to its nature, it may not be the best choice if you want a tool to create and edit videos for social media.

Choosing the right Lumen5 alternative for you and your team.

This is it; the moment of truth is finally here...

Is it time to find out which of these Lumen5 alternatives we think is the best for you?

But before we answer, we believe it is only fair that you know how we made that decision before announcing the best alternative to Lumen5.

We chose the alternative based on the following: 

  • How easy it is to navigate and use the features.
  • How budget-friendly it is.
  • How fast you can create a video.
  • Efficiency for creating memorable videos
  • In its editing tools and features.

Now that you know what we looked at, are you ready? 

Drum roll...

We think that the best overall Lumen5 alternative in this article is Synthesia.

Synthesia is a great and advanced video editing software with multiple features powered by AI that will save you money and time and, more importantly, help you create an engaging video. 

If you want to try Synthesia video editor and save 80% of your time and budget to create a video, we recommend you try its free AI video generator and see why Synthesia is the #1 AI video editor.


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