15 Best AI Avatar Generators You Can Find On The Internet In 2023

Ema Lukan
May 17, 2023

No one is as ugly as their drivers license picture, or as good-looking as their profile picture.

This quote is still kind of funny, but here’s the thing.

In a few years, our profile pictures will be replaced by something more interactive and more dynamic: AI avatars.

In fact, AI avatars are already being used for many use cases. Think of video game characters, virtual assistants, and personalized stickers we use on social media. 

The main purpose of AI avatars is (and will be) to represent people in a virtual context and make their interactions more human. 

3 examples of internet avatars: ducky from Windows, a 3 character avatar and Alex, an AI video avatar by Synthesia
Internet content is shifting from static to dynamic, and avatars are no exception. Soon, everyone will have their own 3D avatar to represent them in the digital world.

Some avatars are hyper realistic, others fully customizable. Some are 3D, others 2D. Some can speak, others can speak AND think. Some can help you find a perfect car, and others can make you fall in love with them. 

Nope, we’re not in a sci-fi movie. This is the new normal. 

So let’s take a look at how AI avatars can be used and what are some of the best AI avatar generators currently available.

Best text-to-speech avatars

Since ChatGPT was released, creating text-based content has become super accessible.

But in 2023, people don’t want to read — and that’s exactly why text-to-speech avatars are taking the internet by storm. 

These avatars are perfect for anyone who wants to add an extra layer of personality to their videos. 

But it’s not just stock avatars you can use — you can also create your own custom AI avatar

Depending on the tool you choose, the avatars vary from realistic (Synthesia’s avatars) to cartoony (D-ID’s avatars).

12 out of 214 Synthesia AI avatars
Synthesia, the best rated AI avatar generator, currently offers more than 200 diverse AI avatars that can speak the words you type in in more than 120 languages, voices, and accents.

Most of these AI avatar generators work in a similar way: you simply insert your text and select an AI presenter to read it out loud for you in a variety of languages, tones and voices. The process is super simple, and most text-to-speech avatar generators also offer other video editing capabilities, so you can create truly unique and engaging content.

These are the tools that can help you create your best text to speech avatar:

#1 Synthesia

If you’re looking for lifelike avatars, then Synthesia should be your first choice. 

Synthesia's AI avatars look and sound real, and you can even apply various micro gestures to their facial expressions (you can make them wink, nod, frown, and shake their heads). 

You can create videos in 120+ languages and choose between 85+ diverse stock avatars. You can also have your avatar created based on a 3-minute video of yourself.

How are Synthesia AI avatars created?

#2 Colossyan

Colossyan is another AI video generator that offers text-to-speech avatars. With Colossyan, you can access an extensive library of over 30 AI avatars and 70+ languages. 

One of the standout features of Colossyan's platform is the option to customize your avatar's age and emotions with a single click.

#3 D-ID

Although D-ID offers both realistic and cartoony AI avatars, we suggest you use it for the latter. These avatars are created entirely by AI, and you can also generate new avatars based on your text input. 

With 119 languages and accents to choose from, we especially like that once you select your desired voice, you can further customize its style (e.g. shout, whisper, sad, excited) to make it even more expressive.

Best AI avatar generators for virtual assistants

Let’s admit it: most virtual assistants suck. 😒

What you want is a quick and helpful solution to your problem, and they struggle to understand the very basics of what you’re talking about.

But AI is changing the game. 

Virtual assistants are finally getting better at communication, feeling (and looking!) more lifelike and reliable than ever before.

Advanced technology enables them to communicate with us via voice, text or even video. Different models they are trained on help them formulate accurate responses in real time. And the fact that they behave in a lifelike manner not only with words but also with non-verbal cues makes them super engaging.

Virtual assistants that can replicate human conversations will change the way brands interact with their customers at several points in the customer journey. On the left, you can see an avatar by Soul Machine, and on the right is one by Uneeq. 

Here are 3 best AI avatar generators if you’re looking to upgrade your customer experience strategy:

#4 Digital People by Soul Machine

Soul Machine offers AI systems to create engaging and trustworthy user experience using “Digital People.” Digital People are CGI characters powered by “Digital Brain,” the core technology that enables them to replicate everyday human interactions. They can speak and move naturally (including micro gestures and facial expressions), while all responsiveness happens in real time. 

Real-world use cases with these technologies include virtual assistants, digital agents, navigation helpers at trade shows, digital educators, and more.

#5 Nvidia AI avatars

The NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine is a collection of cloud-native AI microservices and workflows that enable users to create, customize, and deploy avatars with ease. 

Combining their Animation AI, Conversational AI, and Recommendation AI solutions makes it possible to create 3D avatars that respond in real time. These AI avatars can be easily adapted to any type of customer service interaction, leading to better business prospects and higher customer satisfaction.

#6 Digital Humans by Uneeq

Digital Humans by Uneeq are another conversational AI solution you can use to improve your interactions with customers. You can use them in various ways, such as interpreting and routing inbound leads, promoting self-service behavior, and driving emotional engagement with customers. 

You can create your own digital human within the platform that takes your existing data (your NLP that drives your chatbot) and turns it into engaging human interactions. 

Companies like Deloitte, IBM, and Vodafone are already using the solution, and it may be worth giving it a try if you’re looking for new ways to interact with customers.

Best metaverse avatars

Not that the metaverse has a definition, but let’s try to agree on it for the purpose of this article. 😊 

Let’s say it's a virtual world that exists alongside the physical world, where people can interact with each other and do all sorts of things. 

One of the key elements of this virtual world is avatars representing people while they move around and engage with others. 

Avatars for the metaverse can be customized in terms of their appearance and also in terms of their behavior. On the left is an avatar by Ready Player Me, and on the right, you can see different options to customize an avatar using Inworld.

Honestly, they're pretty crucial to the whole experience, making it more personalized and allowing us to connect with people in new ways.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the most famous metaverse avatars:

#7 Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me is perhaps the best AI avatar generator for the metaverse. It’s a cross-game avatar platform that allows you to create your avatar from a single photo and customize it with hundreds of options. Ready Player Me avatars can be used in 7000+ supported apps and games. 

#8 Avaturn

Avaturn creates realistic, game-ready avatars based on a few selfies. Select a body type, hairstyle, clothes, and other customizable elements to make your avatar stand out. The biggest advantage of Avaturn is that it's based on a large dataset. This means that it can generate a 3D model of a user in real time, replicating the exact facial geometry from the user's photo.

#9 Inworld

Another AI avatar generator for virtual worlds is Inworld. Not only can you define the appearance of your avatar, but you can also configure its personality using natural language prompts. It is powered by AI models that are designed to mimic human behavior in terms of gestures, speech, emotions, and memory.

Best AI avatars for video conferences

One extension of the metaverse is also the sphere of work. We’ve already been working in virtual environments since the pandemic, and it’s becoming the new normal.

Remote work allows us to work from anywhere we want and spend less time commuting,  but…

Jumping on a call still takes quite some effort. Be it putting on a shirt, makeup, or removing *that* thing from the background.

One possible solution: AI avatars for video conferencing.

#10 RemoteFace

One way to get your avatar for video meetings is a virtual camera plugin that creates the avatar based on your selfie. It also includes many virtual backgrounds you can choose from. You can download the RemoteFace plugin for either Mac or Windows.

#11 Microsoft Mesh avatars

If you’re a Microsoft Teams user, this might also be a good solution. Microsoft now offers Mesh avatars, which are animated, customized versions of yourself that can join meetings.

You can use these avatars to visually participate in meetings without turning on your camera, express yourself with a range of gestures and reactions, and create multiple versions to fit different meetings.

Imagine being able to attend online meetings without showing your face. Here’s a Microsoft Teams meeting with attendees using their Mesh avatars.

AI avatars for entertainment

Avatars can, of course, also be used for more intimate communication between friends and family. 

Here are some of the best AI avatar generators to create avatars for messages, social media apps, or just for a good prank.

Btw, did you know you can even create your very own AI companions?

#12 Bitmoji 

Originally used in Snapchat, Bitmoji is a popular app for creating personalized avatars used in messaging and social media.

It's free and customizable, with various features and outfits to choose from.

#13 Memoji

Memoji is a feature by Apple that lets users create personalized avatars for various messaging apps, including Apple's own Messenger app.

Similar to Bitmoji, users can customize their Memoji with different hairstyles, accessories, and facial features to create a unique digital representation of themselves.

One can use their Memoji avatar to create video messages from recordings or use it in FaceTime instead of their own face.

#14 Lensa

You’ve surely seen many profile pics in different styles lately.

Well, chances are they were created using Lensa.

Lensa is an AI-powered photo editing app for portrait selfies, with various filters and editing techniques that include different styles, such as anime, fantasy, pop, stylish, light, and more.

#15 Replika

With the Replika app, you can create your new digital friend, partner, or mentor.

It’s always up for a chat or a video call, and the more you share with them, the better they can understand you.

This might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it's now a reality that you can experience right from your phone.

Have you tried any of these AI avatar generators yet?

What’s your favorite AI avatar generator? 

In conclusion, the world of avatars is vast and varied, with a range of options available to suit different needs and use cases.

From personalized cartoon-like characters to 3D replicas, there's an AI avatar for every purpose

As technology continues to advance, and the internet becomes increasingly interactive, the avatar space will undoubtedly evolve, presenting even more exciting ways for digital communication and self-expression. 

The possibilities are... pretty much endless.

P.S. Want to create a free video with a text-to-speech avatar in 1 minute? Make it here and see how it works!

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