6 Best Examples of Internal Communication Videos to Build a Strong Working Team

Karina Kasparova
September 4, 2023

You want your business to thrive, and so do we... 🙌

That's why we have selected some examples of internal communication videos that you can use or be inspired by to improve communication and thus empower your employees.

What Are Different Types of Internal Communications Videos?

As you can imagine, many examples of internal communications video ideas exist. Still, we know you're busy, so we'll keep it brief with only the most popular types of internal videos.

Recruitment Videos

Let's be honest: your company may be a great workplace, but so are many others, so prospective employees need to know why you're unique.

If you want the best professionals to knock on your door, you should pay special attention to this type of video content. At the end of the day, you want to work with the best talent available, right?

Onboarding Videos

Once you have hired the professionals, it is time to welcome them and teach them all about the organization. These videos typically discuss the business, company story, core values, benefits, etc. 

Never underestimate the power of the onboarding internal communications strategy, as employees are 69% more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experience a great onboarding process.

Company Culture Videos

 As soon as employees join your company, they become part of the family, and you want them to feel at home. That's precisely why these videos play an essential role in your organization.

A company culture video helps new employees to adapt quickly and contribute toward a healthy and professional environment.

Announcement Videos

Did you ever play broken telephone as a child? If so, you may remember how easily the transmission of information can get distorted. Company announcement videos help ensure the original message reaches all your employees intact. Plus, these internal communications videos are perfect when you need to communicate something quickly.

Training Videos

Corporate training videos are essential to keep your employees and company updated. They are the best way to train and meet the needs of your team or those who want to learn something related to their role, such as a new program, software, etc.

Roughly speaking, it helps to get your whole team on the same page.

Now that you are a bit clearer about the types of videos, let's look at some internal corporate video ideas to inspire you.

#1 Teach your employees about your company values and culture in only 2 minutes

Company Culture and Values | Free Talking-Head AI Video Template

Yes, you should be proud and want to celebrate and share your company's extraordinary values and winning culture, but as exciting as it may be to work there, you don't need more than a few minutes to talk about it.

In over two minutes, this video shares the company's values that set it apart from its competitors and exemplify what makes this company such a special place to belong.

👍 Why we like it

This internal communication video is super clear and visually attractive. Although the video talks about why they are a great organization, it doesn't feel like they are selling us on an idea. 

Why it's effective

  • Perfect length.
  • Visually pleasing.
  • Clear and easy to understand.

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#2 Welcome the newbies with proper inspirational internal communications videos.

Eagle Builders - Corporate Video

There is a fine line between an enriching onboarding process and an overwhelming one, and which side you find your employees will depend on how you share that information. So take this example as inspiration because whoever made this video really got it right.

This internal video, narrated by employees, discusses the vision, mission, achievements, history, etc.

👍 Why we like it

Although the video gives a lot of information about the company, we do not feel overwhelmed; on the contrary, it leaves us wanting to know more.

Why it's effective

  • Interesting new and existing employees.
  • Its inspirational approach increases employee engagement.
  • Short and attractive video.

#3 Share any corporate message in just one shot, thanks to this great internal communication video.

Company Update

Picture this: You must send a corporate message to the 2,000 people working at your company and fast. Sharing the news one by one is unrealistic, and sending an email does not guarantee that everyone will read it, so what can you do? Use a video like this to save time and optimize your internal communication strategy.

In this internal video example, a company discusses office expansion in New York, and as a result, upcoming training and new opportunities.

👍 Why we like it

Simple, it makes our lives easier as we no longer have to worry about the announcement's reach and interpretation. The best part is that we can duplicate or personalize videos like this to help us improve our corporate communications.

Why it's effective

  • Brief video.
  • Simple language boosts employee engagement.
  • Coherence between images and text

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#4 Like Apple, use animated corporate videos to find your dream team.

Jobs at Apple - Video (Animated) - Join Us. Be You.

A company genuinely concerned about its employee's well-being does so from the hiring process, and Apple knows it.

With great storytelling, the video content attracts recruits to Apple.

👍 Why we like it

Apple uses familiar animation, music, and storytelling to enrich our senses and evoke emotions about its brand.

Why it's effective

  • Every element is attractive to our senses.
  • The animation is simple but effective.
  • Interesting for internal and external audiences.

#5 Use this onboarding video example to effectively share your company's goals.

(Template/Example) Sustainability and ESG Initiatives

There are a few steps to ensure that your organization achieves its objectives. Where do you start? This video shows how to leverage every resource to achieve those objectives.

As you can see in this example, text, visuals, colors, images, etc., were used to ensure that viewers remember the company's objectives, in this particular case, related to sustainability.

👍 Why we like it

We like that the video uses colors and visuals to reinforce the message of what the company is about.

Why it's effective

  • Coherence between images and text.
  • Simple language.
  • Easy to understand and remember.

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Did you know? 🤔

Images are one of the most effective communication tools. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, small visual changes keep users visually engaged.

#6 Get inspired by one of the best internal communication video examples.

The most entertaining recruitment video @ Let's Get Digital

Creative, right?

This company was wise to choose another approach for their recruitment video, which we can assure you will attract pools of talented professionals while also operating as a marketing video.

The whole onboarding video is about getting to know the company as if you were there, and a humorous tone to demonstrate awareness of who they are.

👍 Why we like it

Creativity is the most powerful tool here. It's fun and portrays a solid image of the company's mission and culture.

Why it's effective

  • Uses humor.
  • Different approach.
  • Attractive.

Strengthen Your Internal Communication With Your Videos

Thanks to these internal communications video examples, you've already got an idea of how great your internal communications can be, and now it's your turn to try it.

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You can use this handy tutorial to learn exactly how to make an internal communication video:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Internal Communication Videos?

Think of this type of video as the visual tool used in your company to facilitate, enhance, and strengthen internal communication strategy since they are the most effective way to share and receive information.

Why Do You Need Internal Comms Videos?

To answer this question simply:

Honest, informative, relevant, and clear top-down internal communication 🟰 Happy and strong employees 🟰 A successful business.