How to 10x your training video production

Jakob Marovt
July 20, 2022

Easily scale your video production in 60+ languages.

Let's preface this by saying learning and development is no walk in the park. Learning teams are often overwhelmed and under-equipped. 

Around 45% of learning professionals spend at least half their week on training requests, and it takes roughly 130+ hours to create a single hour of traditional eLearning.

Traditional training content production is too costly

L&D experts focus their time on complex pieces of training that require an instructional background with complete focus.

Suppose the day-to-day is filled with a constant stream of departmental requests. It can be challenging to build or implement an L&D strategy. That's why employee-generated learning strategy is quickly emerging within organizations. Using this strategy, departmental subject matter experts can quickly create and update courses without dependency on anyone else.

And this approach is quickly gaining momentum. Currently, around 60-70% of an organization's learning needs cannot be fulfilled centrally, so organizations can better fulfil these needs by using an employee-generated learning approach.

The long-tail of learning needs can take up 60-70% of the total learning needs in an organization (source: Easy Generator)

How did L&D end up here?

It's mainly down to budget, time, and resources shortages, and there can also often be a misalignment between divisions.

Small changes in compliance can significantly impact organizations, and legislation frequently changes.

For example, if an organization has thousands of employees globally that speak multiple languages, that small change in compliance can become disruptive.

A slight change in the way data needs to be handled, and your information security teams would have to speak to the learning and development teams to make them aware of the small change. 

Then, if the learning and development team used a third-party company to build the training, they would have to inform the producers, the producers the actors -- the friction points add up fast.

But what if the relevant teams could contribute significantly to their departmental needs?

Transforming into a learning organization

A learning organization facilitates the learning of its employees and continuously transforms itself, which enables it to stay competitive in the business environment. A learning organization promotes self-knowledge and cultivates open feedback to see problems and opportunities on all levels. 

Why is a learning organization beneficial?

One of the leading competitive advantages in the future will be an organization's ability to learn faster than its rivals, and it's already begun. Manufacturing firms that implement training programs increase productivity by an average of 17%.

"The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay". -- Henry Ford, Founder, Ford Motor Company.

Learning organizations tend to be successful because of the flexible, adaptive and productive nature to react to and drive change. By democratizing learning and development and letting departmental stakeholders contribute where they can, training culture can begin to change.

Scaling training video production with the help of AI

There's a significant paradigm shift happening with learning and development, especially with content creation and delivery.

We've typically thought of video as a very physical process that involves cameras, lights, actors and expensive editing equipment. Synthesia allows you to build content directly from your browser and is powered by Artificial Intelligence, allowing anyone from your team to create engaging training and development video with no cameras, lights, or microphones required. 

With low overheads and over 60+ languages, creating engaging videos couldn't be more manageable.

Now that we've created our synthetic video, we're going to need a system to deliver and measure the effectiveness of our training.

How to effectively deliver training

Easy Generator is an e-learning authoring tool that lets anyone create and share interactive content, from e-learning professionals to subject-matter experts. Track results and collaborate with multiple authors in real-time, all within one easy-to-use tool.

Whether you start from scratch or choose from one of their pre-made templates, Easygenerator's drag-drop editor makes creating interactive content seamlessly. Work with your whole team through in-app comments from co-authors and reviewers to craft the perfect training.

You can easily embed your Synthesia videos into Easygenerator and create courses in no time at all.

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