12 Best Software to Create Training Videos

Written by
Kevin Alster
Published on
June 12, 2024
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Training videos help you upskill and reskill your employees, onboard new hires easily, educate employees on company policies and even teach employees how to sell company products and services. 

But let’s be honest — making those training videos isn't always easy. There are hundreds of this training video software that you can choose from!

This post takes a look at the top options for training videos and shortlists the best video software, showcasing their features, pricing, and pros and cons.

Let’s jump right in.

12 best training video software 💻
  1. Synthesia
  2. LearnWorlds
  3. Vimeo Interactive
  4. ScreenRec
  5. Loom
  6. Animaker
  7. Powtoon
  8. Windows Movie Maker
  9. Adobe Premiere Pro
  10. Final Cut Pro
  11. iPhone Movie App
  12. Video Shop

Best training video software overall: Synthesia

Synthesia: voted best training video software

OS: Web-based app that works with any operating system

Price: Check out the free onsite demo. Pricing starts from $30 a month for 10 video credits.

Synthesia is a first-rate AI video creation platform that enables you to create training videos from nothing more than text.

Synthesia is used by companies like the Teleperfomance, BBC, Reuters, and BSH to create high-quality training videos at scale.

The real benefit of using Synthesia? You don't need actors, studios, or fancy equipment. 

Choose from 140+ diverse AI avatars.

Prefer video? Here’s a quick overview of Synthesia Discover Synthesia in 5 minutes | Product Tour


  • 140+ human-like diverse AI avatars (with an option to create custom avatars too)
  • 120+ languages and accents
  • Free media library
  • Option to include closed captions to video


  • Simple and user-friendly interface suitable for anyone creating training videos with no equipment
  • Over 55 editable templates covering different use cases
  • 30+ integrations so you can add your videos to other platforms
  • Great to scale internal training videos for businesses


  • Not built for 2D or 3D animation
  • Best for text-to-video projects (not live-action)

Case study

Bolton College reduced video production time by 80% using Synthesia. They now produce 10-minute training videos in less than 30 minutes — a task that initially took 3 days.

Best training video software for interactive videos



OS: Web-based app that works with any operating system


  • Starter: $24/month (with a $5 per course sale transaction fee)
  • Pro Trainer: $79/month (no transactions fees)
  • Learning Center: $249/month (no transaction fees)

LearnWorlds is primarily an online course platform that comes with simple but effective course creation software.

The LearnWorlds platform has an easy-to-use dashboard, simplifying video creation for beginners.

LearnWorlds is best suited for full-blown online courses (mainly creating, selling, and promoting). So, if you’re an e-learning business, trained educator, course creator, marketer, or even an individual instructor, you’d love it. 


  • Live sessions
  • Website builder
  • Survey builder
  • Checkouts and payments
  • Assessment builder


  • Intuitive and simple to use
  • Lots of templates
  • Live preview of online courses
  • Affiliate marketing management


  • Limited to its own platform
  • Steep pricing tiers

Vimeo Interactive (preciously WireWax)


OS: Web-based app that works with any operating system

Price: Vimeo bills all these pricing tiers annually.

  • Starter: $9/seat/month (60 videos a year)
  • Standard: $25/seat/month (120 videos a year)
  • Advanced: $65/seat/month (240 videos a year)

With Vimeo's interactive editing software, you can directly add overlays and sticky hotspots to your instructional videos. 

You can even create a self-led viewing experience using "video branching". With this feature, viewers choose how they continue their viewing experience with clickable decision stops that jumpstart them to a specific timestamp in your video. 

Overall, Vimeo is an excellent option if you’re looking for interactive training video software that is also capable of video marketing, e-commerce, and employee communications. 


  • Interactive touchpoints
  • Customizable overlays and hotspots
  • “Add to cart” buttons in videos
  • Video analytics 


  • Intuitive video editor
  • AI-powered hotspots 
  • Video branching capabilities that allow viewers to choose multiple paths in one video


  • Customer service response times are lacking
  • Barebones analytics which makes tracking performance tricky

Best training video software for screencast & screen capture



OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, X & Linux OS

Price: Free

If simple but powerful is your style, you really can’t look past Screenrec. Screenrec’s value is in its simplicity — no joke with that. The software is simple; you get a 1-click capture feature where you use a single button to start or stop a screen recording, and that's it.

Still, it's excellent if all you need to make is simple walkthroughs and instructional videos.


  • 1-click screen capture
  • Instant sharing (with a privacy option)
  • Basic video analytics
  • Annotations


  • Free to download with no time limit
  • You can record videos with a single click
  • No watermarks in your video
  • Share captures instantly (and privately too)


  • You can only record 5-minute videos without an account
  • No video editing capabilities
  • Very simple feature set compared to other video editing software



OS: Windows 10, OSX 10.14.6, iOS 15 , Android 8.0

Price: Limited free plan. $8 per month to create videos longer than 5 minutes.

Loom strives to be a new means of communication in the workplace, and you see that vision manifesting in its software. Instead of holding Zoom meetings with 50 other people or 20 different one-on-one calls, record your screen and share the video with others. Easy.

You’ll find that Loom is similar to ScreenRec in that it's more of a screen recorder than a video editor. However it still has a useful (if simplistic) video editor so you can fine tune your screen recording.

If you need to share something quickly or update your employees on new information, it’s a a great quick fix. But if you want to create more sophisticated video tutorials, you’ll find Loom lacking.


  • Dual screen recording and web cam bubble
  • Privacy controls
  • Viewer insights
  • Instant editing
  • Commenting


  • Has a chrome extension for use on the go
  • Instant video upload and auto-transcription
  • Foolproof UI


  • Can’t record offline
  • Users complain of bugs, freezing or errors

Best training video software for Animation



OS: Web-based app that works with any operating system

Price: Limited free version or:

  • Basic: $20/month for 5 minutes of video time
  • Starter: $35/month for 15 minutes of video time
  • Pro: $79/month for 30 minutes of video time

Animaker allows you to create animated videos by dragging and dropping video elements. It comes with a set number of templates that can help you "animate" without any drawing skills thanks to a massive library of stock assets.

If you’re a beginner video creator looking specifically to create animated instruction videos, Animaker is your best bet. 


  • Auto lip-sync
  • Character creator
  • Live video editing
  • Over a million stock assets
  • Video overlays


  • Lots of royalty-free images at your disposal
  • Lots of templates that streamline your video creation process


  • Lacks an autosave feature
  • The interface lags when you start creating longer videos
  • Using assets from too many sources makes videos look low budget



OS: Web-based app that works with any operating system

Price: Limited free version or:

  • Lite: $15/month billed annually
  • Professional: $40/month billed annually
  • Business: $100/month billed annually 

Powtoon is a solid solution if you're searching for user-friendly animated video editing software with lots of potential for scale. The software has a ton of support, in addition to its wealth of tools and straightforward interface.


  • Intuitive activity dashboard
  • Impressive template library
  • Extensive integration options
  • Multi-language tool


  • Wide variety of customizable templates
  • Easy to use for simple animations
  • Automatically saves your work


  • Can only set animations to half a second. Sometimes, you need more precise timings.
  • Almost impossible to create a custom action

Best training video software for editing

Windows Movie Maker


OS: Windows 10

Price: Free

You might know Windows Movie Maker as the default video editing program for Windows. In previous years it was quite simplistic, but all that's changing. Microsoft has added features like voiceover recording, more editing options, templated transitions, and easy title slides.

If you're recording instructional videos on a camera and looking to edit them together on your Windows computer, give Movie Maker a try. You might just find that it's the right mix of functionality and simplicity for your needs.


  • Add pre-recorded audio to video
  • Make movies from video clips easily
  • Add photo overlays, texts, and emoticons
  • Transition effects


  • Super simple to edit clips together
  • Can be used in conjunction with video editor tools like ScreenRec
  • Sleek transition options


  • Unadjustable effects
  • Lack of features can feel limiting

Adobe Premiere Pro


OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) / macOS 11.0

Price: $31.49 a month / $20.99 a month on annual

To many in the video editing world, Premiere Pro is the best of the best. It offers top-of-the-line features for video editing and has a professional-grade feature set. However, it's not necessarily the best training software. Premiere Pro is used by professional filmmakers and has a steep learning curve for first-time editors.

Bottom line, if you don't already know how to edit videos, consider an alternative tool that's a little more friendly.


  • Countless features for audio and VFX
  • Creative Cloud libraries for collaboration
  • 360-Degree VR video


  • Incredible transcription and captioning tools
  • Easy team collaboration
  • Stable for resource-intensive work 


  • Subscription only
  • Steep learning curve

Final Cut Pro


OS: macOS 11.5.1 or later.

Price: $299.99 in the Mac App Store

Apple's Final Cut Pro is a well-liked option because of a few appealing characteristics, such as its one-time cost, interior title editor, and easy switch from iMovie. One thing to note: It's only compatible with Mac as it’s an Apple product.

Final Cut Pro software handles demanding video editing tasks, ensuring beginners and experts can maximize its features. Of course, it’ll take beginners some time to get used to all the features, and even experts get frustrated with its unconventional timeline editing.


  • Uses a magnetic timeline
  • Auto syncing for editing multicamera projects
  • Works with a wide range of formats
  • Import and edit 360° equirectangular video


  • Renders fast compared to Premier Pro
  • Stable for any type of editing work
  • Top-notch organization tools


  • For Mac only
  • Collaboration features are better in Premiere Pro
  • May overwhelm beginners

Best training video software for SmartPhones

iPhone Movie App

OS: iOS 16 or later

Price: Free in the App Store

iMovie helps you turn clips into videos easily so you can create authentic content for sites like YouTube. While it doesn’t have the capability to create content from text such as tools like Synthesia, iMovie holds its own when it comes to video editing for mobile phones.

As with the Final Cut Pro, iMovie is only available to iOS and MacOS users (sorry, Android and Windows users). If you’re looking to create training videos on your iPhone or iPad, iMovie is a great option.


  • Great template library
  • Supports 4K XAVC-S Format
  • Easy import from iOS to Mac
  • iMovie Media Library


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Extensive template library
  • Simple editing timeline
  • Great to use on the go


  • Only available on iPhone and Mac
  • Limited to only two tracks

Video Shop


  • Requires Android 7.0 and up
  • Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


Free: $3.99 monthly / $23.99 yearly

Videoshop’s video editing tools allow users to do almost anything with a movie. You can chop up and cut clips, add pictures, increase video speed, use multiple effects, modify exposure, duplicate clips, add transitions, etc. 

The functionality is excellent, but the interface may confuse those starting out.


  • Sound editing tools
  • Special effects like Kenburns, Tilt-shift, and Stop Motion
  • Advanced editing tools like color correction, slow motion, freeze


  • Easy to use
  • App runs fast and stable
  • Easy to use on the go


  • Free version lacks a functional sound mixer
  • Limited to mobile devices only

Make training videos with AI software

Ready to decide what path you want to go with your training videos?

Before pulling out your ring light and buying an expensive microphone, why not consider leaving the grunt work to AI?

With Synthesia, you can create training videos from plain text in minutes. That’s goodbye to hiring actors, and equipment, learning complex video editing tools, and even tiring video updates.

Create a free AI video or check out our extensive library of training video templates.


Frequently asked questions

What software to use to create training videos?

When it comes to creating training videos, one of the best software options available is Synthesia STUDIO. This innovative software allows users to create training videos up to 80% faster compared to other methods.

Synthesia STUDIO provides a user-friendly interface and a range of powerful features that streamline the video creation process. It offers a text-to-video technology that automatically synchronizes a script with a lifelike avatar, enabling users to create professional-looking videos with minimal effort.

How do I make my own training video?

To make your own training video, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a Synthesia STUDIO account
  2. Choose a training video template
  3. Write a training video script
  4. Paste the script into Synthesia to generate a text-to-speech voiceover
  5. Pick an AI avatar to narrate your script
  6. Edit the video by changing up all the visuals, animations, and music
  7. Generate video

How to make training videos with free software?

To make training videos for free, try the Synthesia free demo video maker. Use the built-in learning video template, paste your script and receive the free video in your inbox in minutes.

What is the best way to make training videos?

The best way to make training videos is by utilizing an AI video maker such as Synthesia STUDIO. This innovative software leverages artificial intelligence technology to streamline the video creation process, enabling users to produce training videos up to 80% faster compared to traditional methods.

Synthesia STUDIO offers a user-friendly interface and a range of powerful features designed to simplify video production. By utilizing AI technology, the software automates many time-consuming tasks, such as script synchronization, voiceovers, and avatar animation.