8 Types of Corporate Videos You Can Make With AI

Elly Henriksen
November 1, 2023

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In this post, we’ve hand-picked 8 types of corporate videos you can make today.

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How many types of corporate videos are there?

There are 8 main types:

  1. Training videos
  2. Internal communication videos
  3. Social media videos
  4. How-to explainer videos
  5. Promo videos
  6. Recruitment videos
  7. Company culture videos

Let's dive deeper into each corporate video type. 👇

Type #1: Training video

A training video provides visual instructions, detailed information, or live demonstrations on specific topics or skills, usually in a micro-format of 2-5 minutes. Training videos are crucial in corporations where employees have to upskill or reskill frequently and where such learning opportunities are needed, particularly appreciated, and demonstrated to improve employee retention.

Did you know? 🤔

Lack of career development opportunities is one of the main reasons why people leave organizations. And while 67% of employers are worried about growing skills gaps, 74% of employees feel they aren’t reaching their full potential at work because they don’t have enough training opportunities.

Example of sales training: Effective Sales Call Preparation

(AI Video Template) Effective Sales Call Preparation

This video provides the training with the highest impact on a company’s bottom line. It’s a theoretical approach, but it perfectly distills the topic into what needs to be done, why it matters, and how to get it done. And the visuals, which mainly consist of text boxes and geometrical forms animated on the screen, creatively support the narration.

Click here to recreate this video.

Type #2: Internal communication video

Internal communication videos are short and with a specific focus. They present company core values, leadership announcing company updates, HR onboarding new hires, or frequent peer-to-peer communication. Such videos are an excellent way to communicate effectively, avoid fragmentation across departments, and erase time, distance, and language barriers. They can be as simple as a series of FAQ videos.

Example of compliance training: Understanding company policies and procedures

(Template/Example) Understanding Company Policies and Procedures

This video by ABC Corporation is part of an onboarding sequence and introduces the major company policies and procedures. It’s a straightforward presentation that says the essentials and points to extra resources supported by simple text-on-screen animations. 

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Type #3: Social media video

Social media videos are short, punchy, and optimized for silent viewing. Because audiences have tons of choices, brand videos for social media distribution must be catchy and fun to hook the viewers fast. If you succeed at creating videos under these circumstances, you'll increase brand recognition and brand awareness, drive engagement, and enable your video marketing to generate more leads and conversions.

Example of behind-the-scenes video for social media: AI Avatar Interviews Human Twin!

AI Avatar Interviews Human Twin!

This brand video presents a behind-the-scenes Synthesia event shared on multiple social media channels as part of a social media ad campaign. It has an intriguing topic — an AI avatar interviewing a human twin — with strong and bold visuals, funny dialogues, captions, and studio snippets for a more immersive experience.

Type #4: How-to explainer video

How-to explainer videos are short-form videos that explain a product, service, or process to potential customers or company stakeholders. They streamline corporate communication, proving helpful in marketing or internally when some departments operate in silos, and information sharing isn’t always smooth.

Example of software product explainer video: Doculife

doculife (example video)

This explainer video shows Doculife’s customers how to use their latest software development, One Profile. It starts with explaining what the software does and tours the main features that will help customers overcome their challenges with this salesforce solution. Super on-point and… explanatory.

Type #5: Promo video

A promo video is short, captivating, and designed to highlight a product, service, corporate event, or brand story. Content-wise, it’s specific and leads with benefits and an obvious value proposition. Visually, promotional videos grab attention to connect with the audience emotionally, increasing brand awareness and recognition.

Example of an app presentation: Fintech app promo video

Fintech App Promo Video

This Fintech app promo video is super short but also practical. It doesn’t need more than 30 seconds to capture your attention with a bold promise — “the only app you’ll ever need to safely manage your money” — and a blunt explanation of how much you can save by using it. It talks about a few more benefits in an alert and engaging tone, with fast visual transitions, and that’s it. Not stating a conclusion implies that this is the only app you’ll ever need, and you’d better go test it.

Click here to recreate this video.

Type #6: Recruitment video

A recruitment video showcases an organization’s culture, values, and opportunities, attracting and engaging potential candidates. It’s part of the hiring process and helps fill positions quickly while making your company stand out. If you work with large, remote, or even international teams and must hire often, a recruitment video can significantly ease your HR’s job and help eliminate geographical barriers.

Example of a video recruitment corporate video: Head of Human Resources

Head of Human Resources

This recruitment video was created by Grünewald Consulting, a recruitment agency, in the name of their client, a leading German producer of baked goods. 

Notice the quick introduction that says you’re looking at a company avatar and how the entire video is structured to convince potential candidates and give them specific, actionable steps for applying. The images are rich and diverse, and the company uses all the tools to convey the message visually.

Type #7: Company culture video

A company culture video shows a glimpse into the values, atmosphere, and working environment that attract potential new hires and help consumers connect with the brand. Companies need these types of corporate videos to attract and retain talent and humanize their brand, and more than one topic could fall under the culture umbrella. Even a corporate social responsibility video can be labeled as a company culture video.

Did you know? 🤔

One in three consumers would pick “trust in brand” among the top three factors other than price that would make them purchase from a retailer. Showing your brand's human side is one of the best ways to gain consumers’ trust and generate more sales.

Example of company culture video: Brighton Technologies’ Company Culture and Values

(Template/Example) Company Culture and Values

This company culture video by Brighton Technologies illustrates how impactful a video can be even when it employs the simplest visuals. The content is predictable and mostly enumerates 5 core values with specific details and supportive visuals. But the light tones, soft music, simple text animations, transitions, and the bright smile of the presenter align so well with the Brighton name and the values they stand by.

Click here to recreate this video.

Type #8: Testimonial video

A testimonial video shows a satisfied customer or employee positively describing their experience with the company. Such testimonial videos are compelling in the corporate environment because they show the people who support the organization, make it look more human and relatable, and build trust and credibility for new potential customers who encounter these videos.

Example: Grocery customer testimonials

This example is like a series of testimonial videos because it starts with a short introduction and expands into four different options from which viewers can select, each one a testimonial video. It’s colorful, bright, and interactive, creating the vibes any corporation wants its customer testimonials to have.

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