15 Best Corporate Video Examples of 2024

Written by
Elly Henriksen
Published on
June 12, 2024
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So you have to make a corporate video "happen"?

We'll paraphrase famous marketer and WSJ author Ann Handley and tell you this:

"If making a quick Instagram reel from your vacation footage feels worse than giving birth to a Honda Civic…

… then making a professional corporate video can feel like pushing out an entire fleet of cars 🫢."

But fear not.

This post delivers every ounce of knowledge you need to pop that baby out fast and painlessly. You'll have the tools and know-how for every task so you can write a script, plan visuals, kick-off production, and coordinate your team flawlessly.

After reading this post, you'll walk away with:
  • Inspiration from the 15 best corporate video examples focused on brand and company culture, product marketing, onboarding and training
  • 5 tips to stand out as the expert on how to make a company video
  • The best tools video production companies use
  • Super-hero-level confidence that you got this 🦸

Let's jump in. 👇

What are corporate videos, and why are they so effective for your company?

The days of one big video production a year are in our rearview mirror. 

For content-hungry viewers, that's great news! But if you're the one who's creating these videos, and having a corporate video production company do all the marketing strategy and implementation isn't an option, life's getting pretty tricky. 

You've got an ever-increasing demand for quality, novelty, and volume. A thin tightrope to walk if you want to avoid burnout and keep up with competitors who keep pumping out marketing videos.

But pulling off a video project that is both creative and in line with the brand's tone and style brings you valuable outcomes:

  • Raise brand awareness: Consumers get to know your company and recognize you easier in different marketing contexts.
  • Foster connection: You inform, entertain, and impress your viewers, and by evoking emotions, you facilitate engagement and connection.
  • Inspire trust: You show up, demonstrate value, and stay top of mind, making people perceive your company as trustworthy.
  • Get free word-of-mouth publicity: You create the best videos, and consumers and employees happily share your videos across platforms, becoming your brand ambassadors.

12 popular types of corporate videos

  1. Company values video
  2. Brand video
  3. Company culture video
  4. Corporate vision video
  5. Marketing video
  6. Explainer video
  7. Client testimonial video
  8. Customer onboarding video
  9. Employee orientation video
  10. Employee interview video
  11. Company benefits video
  12. Tool onboarding video

1. Company values video

Brighton Technologies' example is a great corporate video that demonstrates how to convey your company values and encourage your audience to come to see with their own eyes. 

(Template/Example) Company Culture and Values

Maybe your employees need to be reminded of your company's core values. Maybe you're looking to attract new, valuable talent. Or maybe you want to start actively creating a culture for the first time. Whatever it is, video content like this one can help you achieve your objectives easier.

What makes this corporate video example stand out:

  • Conveys a positive tone through the smiling, charismatic presenter, soft background music, and light color theme inspiring trust and professionalism. 
  • Visuals are primarily text-based and pop through animation, sliding or being highlighted as the presenter discusses each value on the list.
  • Overhead shots of employees sitting together add clarity and visually demonstrate the company's support for teamwork and collaboration.

Click here to recreate this video.

2. Sustainability initiatives

This video for internal communications by Green Earth Inc. educates employees on the company's sustainability initiatives and goals.

(Template/Example) Sustainability and ESG Initiatives

Whether you're aiming for renewable energy integration, creating waste recycling programs, or promoting a more sustainable supply chain, use videos to communicate your initiatives to the stakeholders. A visually engaging, impactful presentation will increase your chances of getting their buy-in and active participation.

What makes this corporate video example stand out:

  • A great color palette with earthy greens, cool blues, and neutral earth tones reflects the videos' focus on reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Stunning aerial shots of ocean waves and forested mountain peaks at sunset reflect the theme, provide a broader perspective, and keep the viewers engaged.
  • The parallel between nature video footage and a presenter in an office creatively suggests the transfer of caring for nature into the workspace.

Click here to recreate this video.

3. Brand video

Bolt created this video to tell through the mouths of employees how it turned from a small Estonian startup to Europe's fastest-growing tech company.

We are Bolt, the Fastest-Growing Tech Company in Europe

Your company's on a journey; you'll always have stories to tell: how you started, unlocked milestones, innovative business approaches, employee spotlights, or successful partnerships and collaborations. Wrapping them in a brand video will help your organization create a sense of pride and connection while building brand recognition.

What makes this corporate video example stand out:

  • Conveys the idea of speed and dynamism through video and sound design, using fast-forward video footage, rapid beats, whoosh sounds, and rapid transitions. 
  • Narration is delivered with enthusiasm and pride at a pace that accompanies the visuals and enforces the energetic tone of the video. 
  • Tells the brand story through employees from diverse roles and ends with a call to action for viewers to come work at Bolt and grow as fast as the company did.

4. Company culture video

HubSpot's lively company culture video interviews employees on what it's like to work there.

HubSpot's Company Culture

Using video to showcase your organization's culture, values, and team dynamics by putting your employees under the spotlight is like pulling off the curtain from your offices. Potential new hires will quickly decide that they want to be there. And your current employees get to reflect on their benefits, potentially feeling increased work satisfaction.

What makes this corporate video example stand out:

  • Tells what's great about working there AND shows it with lively, energetic footage of their multiple global offices. 
  • Showcases different employees' perspectives that hype the excitement right before the end, where we see the "To apply, go to hubspot.com/jobs" call to action.
  • Builds trust and credibility through social proof, mentioning the high rankings HubSpot received on reputable websites that evaluate employee satisfaction.

5. Corporate vision

MF Shipping Group's video illustrates corporate vision so emotionally that you'll easily flow with the story once you hit play.

Communicating your company's inspiring long-term goals and aspirations to motivate employees and win customers' emotional buy-in is no easy task, but it's well worth the effort. And because it's a vision you're trying to convey, a story-driven video will give you all the leverage you need to make your customers understand what you're striving for.

What makes this corporate video example stand out:

  • Creates a parallel between a child who dreams of ships and a grownup who ends up working on a ship, making the video highly emotional and relatable.
  • Narrative-driven execution that relies on video footage and an uplifting, empowering soundtrack, rarely using words and only as on-screen text.  
  • The economy of words makes it highly effective at targeting global audiences, which is all the more valuable for a global shipping company.

6. "How it's Made" marketing video

Ruiten Foodpack, a leading company specializing in packaging all kinds of foods, created this "how it's made" marketing video that reveals their assembly lines.

Ruiten Foodpack - Corporate video

Whether you offer customized products, like Ruiten Foodpack, or you have unique manufacturing techniques, artisanal products, or particularly sustainable and ethical processes, boasting about it in a "how it's made" video will serve your brand. Educating your customers will help differentiate you in the market and foster connection.

What makes this corporate video example stand out:

  • Uses high-quality visuals, close-up shots capturing intricate details, time-lapse, and fast-motion to emphasize specific processes and make the video more dynamic.
  • Features engaging background music and a narration tone that reflects the company's professionalism and the importance of its work. 
  • Ends with a soft call to action that only states what the company excels at, leaving the viewers to decide to take the next step and contact them.

7. "How it Works" technology explainer video

Are you familiar with Microsoft's Explanimators series? In this video, they tell the "how it works" story of artificial intelligence.

The animated guide to artificial intelligence (Explanimators: Episode 1)

Consumers love animated explanations for their simplified, catchy visuals. Use this type of video to explain concepts, processes, or technologies with animations that your employees, stakeholders, or clients will easily understand and enjoy watching.

What makes this corporate video example stand out:

  • Uses simplified animations to demonstrate a complex concept and make it more accessible to the audience.
  • Delivers the information as an interactive conversation, not a one-sided presentation, with a clear, well-structured narrative that maintains interest.
  • Voice-over feels accessible, well-paced, and articulate, ensuring a cohesive flow of information.

8. Product explainer video

Here's a catchy YouTube product explainer video introducing the launch story and an explainer of Payrix, an embedded payments solution for vertical SaaS platforms.

Payrix Launch & Explainer

While the topic may not sound sexy, this explainer video example makes it undeniably interesting. Consider creating video explainers like this to showcase your products, differentiate your company, engage the market, and improve your conversions. And think of them as video ads, if you will.

What makes this corporate video example stand out:

  • Modern, sleek, and dynamic presentation aligns with the product's features.
  • Energetic text-on-screen animations combine with lots of 2D vector graphics to illustrate what the product does in a simplistic way. 
  • Vibrant background music evokes the feeling of progress, innovation, and forward momentum the brand wants to convey with the product launch. 

9. Client testimonials

Check out this grocery store testimonials video introducing a more interactive approach to showcasing customers' voices.

Example: Grocery customer testimonials

The voice of the customer is the loudest, and you can use it to build trust and credibility and to promote your products and services. Get all your success stories — enthusiastic feedback, thank-you messages, praises, or shout-outs on social media — and wrap them into a video like this. It might turn out to be your most powerful marketing instrument.

What makes this corporate video example stand out:

  • Interactive testimonial video where the viewer is prompted to select what customer testimonials they want to hear rather than passively watching them. 
  • Looks more authentic and serves a broader audience by showing testimonials from customers of different demographics and lifestyles.
  • Attention-grabbing color theme, with bright yellow suggesting positivity and happiness, reflecting the customers' satisfaction.  

10. Customer onboarding

Acme's customer onboarding video illustrates a less common but impactful way to make new customers feel welcomed and appreciated.

Customer Onboarding (AI Video Template)

A customer onboarding corporate video is critical to guiding new customers through the initial stages of your collaboration, helping them make the most of your products or services, and ensuring an experience they'll praise. 

What makes this corporate video example stand out:

  • Employs a dynamic template design in a timeline style, perfect for walking someone through a step-by-step process. 
  • Structured and on point, delivering just the right information in each scene.
  • Feels warm and welcoming through the color palette, the presenter's cordial delivery, the name greeting in the beginning, and all the smiling faces.

Click here to recreate this video.

11. Employee orientation

This employee orientation video shows how to make a great first impression on new hires, setting them up for a successful and unstressful first day of work.

Use this employee orientation video template to impress new hires

Such warming introductions that help your new employees relax and be more confident will help them smoothly get up to speed and perform better. Use such videos whenever you bring in new hires and want to help them accommodate, but also speed up the workload relief for existing employees. You'll make everyone more productive and quickly create a more balanced work distribution.

What makes this corporate video example stand out:

  • Beautiful design, elegant through simplicity, with a light color theme that suggests calmness and openness, perfect feelings for an orientation video.
  • Positive delivery, not just through colors and a smiling presenter but also through the narration tone and lively background music.
  • Uses different visuals to support the narration, photographs of employees, and graphic symbols when giving company stats and introducing the to-do list.

Click here to recreate this video.

12. Employee interviews

On a different note, here's a video example showing an employee interview AND the effect of great employee orientation videos on new hires. This employee enthusiastically describes his onboarding with the hiring company Antisel.

Reaction: Employee onboarding video made with Synthesia STUDIO

Think of similar ways your employees could spread the good word about your company. Reach out to relatively new employees and try to have them on record about how it felt to join your company. Then, use these employee interviews to attract new talent or create effective company culture videos.

What makes this corporate video example stand out:

  • Starts with a no-frill scene, suggesting authenticity and no attempt at fabricating an appearance.   
  • After a simple but effective hook, it introduces the professionally designed video, adding a solid element of proof to the employee's testimonial.
  • Conveys a relatable tone by focusing, in the end, on what the employee felt, and while it lacks a clear call-to-action, it leaves the viewers wondering what it would be like for them to enjoy the same experience.

13. Company benefits overview

ABC Corp leverages the natural interest of "what's in it for me" and turns it into a visually engaging company benefits presentation.

(Template/Example) An Overview of Company Benefits

Did someone say "Benefits?" Slip this word where (potential) employees hang out, and they'll be all ears flapping. Use this video example to convey your care for your employees and the value someone would get from joining your company.

What makes this corporate video example stand out:

  • Opens with a simple but effective hook and uses the presenter's excitement to set the audience's expectations. 
  • Delivers essential information using simple graphics and transitions that let viewers focus on the actual benefits and appreciate them better. 
  • Uses the call to action to suggest an extra benefit, a welcoming team who's always ready to support the new hires with any questions they might have. 

Click here to recreate this video.

14. Company policies and procedures

In another great example from ABC Corp, we see a demonstration of how to lightheartedly help hires pay attention to a serious topic.

(Template/Example) Understanding Company Policies and Procedures

Employees may yawn at company policies and procedures, but this structured communication prevents many liabilities. Use such videos to clarify your guidelines and protocols for employees, ensuring consistency, compliance, and a smooth workflow.

What makes this corporate video example stand out:

  • Tackles the visualization of a tough topic using bullet points, motion graphics for the on-screen text, iconography, and symbols.
  • The narrator performs a concise but effective delivery, stressing the seriousness of what's discussed while coming across as friendly. 
  • Background music and subtle sound effects contribute to a pleasant viewing experience. 

Click here to recreate this video.

15. Tool onboarding

This video is the introductory lesson from an Asana onboarding micro-training with lessons of 1-3 minutes each.

Asana: Tool onboarding - Lesson 1

Want to do technology and software or product training? Or do you want to instruct your employees on safety procedures, sales techniques, leadership, or management? Any training you create will be more enjoyable and have a higher completion rate if it's easy to follow through. And that's what this micro-training approach will help you achieve.

What makes this corporate video example stand out:

  • Begins with a catchy hook and introduces a clear structure, setting expectations and making viewers feel confident in their ability to master this tool.
  • Shows company logos to suggest the tool's popularity and wide usage and establish credibility.
  • Highlights the course structure in visual progression and with split-screen scenes where you can see both the presenter and the content discussed.

Click here to recreate this video.

5 tips to make your corporate videos stand out

1. Bring on the human touch

Show off the heroes of your brand — your customers and employees. Share stories that tug at heartstrings to forge a genuine connection with your audience.

2. Channel your cross-platform swagger

Whether you post on YouTube, Instagram, or LinkedIn, consider what format works best on that platform and try cross-promotion. For instance, you could invite your YouTube viewers to join your Facebook group or check your Instagram page.

3. Make your humor pop like confetti

Spice your videos with humor if your brand allows it, or go all out with slightly off-chart storytelling and dazzling visuals. You want to crack the mold rather than break it, just enough to impress your audience without having them think your social media accounts were hacked.

4. Keep it short and snappy

Deliver a message that hits the mark, wrapped up in a quick video to keep viewers hooked from start to finish. Try to keep your videos at 1-5 minutes for basic concepts and 5-15 minutes for tutorials. If you need longer than that, consider breaking your content down to 1-3 minutes micro-videos.

5. Stay top of mind

Even likable brands and companies can get shadowed when they stop showing up. Pumping out quality, memorable content can help you dominate your niche in your consumers' minds.

Stop overthinking corporate video creation and start making videos today

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