17 Training Video Templates You Can Duplicate Now

Kevin Alster
October 31, 2023
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Ready to put in hours of work to create a training video? 

Yeah, no thanks. Especially not when 55% of employers state lack of time as a barrier to employee upskilling initiatives. 

Thankfully, training video templates are here to save the day 🥳

And when you combine those templates with AI, you can cut around 70% of the time you would have otherwise spent filming, editing, and tweaking. 

Tip 💡

There are many generative AI tools (some of them completely free) that can generate different video elements, such as scripts, music, narration, background images, and even actors.

Below are 17 popular templates that you can start using today. Just open the link, hit duplicate, and get started!

What are video templates?

Video templates are pre-made videos that exist to help you start creating videos faster and better. It provides a ready-to-use format where you can copy your content and make the video within minutes. 

To edit templates you need to:

  • Replace existing voice-over with your script
  • Add your own images or video recording
  • Customizing the graphics, colors, and fonts
  • Adjust stock transition and timing to your content

17 Training video templates to help explain complex topics

Template #1: Technical term explainer

Explain a Technical Term with this Video Template

Every organization has its acronyms, jargon, and terminologies that turn people's heads around. Use this technical term explainer template to help employees quickly get up to speed and remember the new terms they need to know.

Why use this template?

  • Make videos quickly with an AI-generated human avatar 
  • Easy way to break down a complex idea 
  • Memorable recap to help improve retention of online learning

Template #2: Educational promo


The promo template made with Premiere Pro editing software is great for slideshow-style product demo video with lots of on-screen text. Be aware that Premier Pro has a bit of a learning curve compared to other tools, so it's best to try it before committing.

Why use this template?

  • Great for showcasing static images 
  • Familiar slide-show format 
  • Attention-grabbing animation effects and colors

Template #3: Company values

Company Values Template: AI presenter included

Company values are an integral part of employee training, and this is a practical training template for an engaging video on company values. It educates employees through visuals aided by written information.

Why use this template?

  • Human face that feels relatable
  • Templated design that’s easy to customize
  • Quick-to-customize placeholders for core values

Template #4: Employee development video


Animation adds a playful feeling to online courses and this video is no exception. Connect with employees by answering their most frequently asked questions about company culture. Use this template to strengthen your brand internally.

Why use this video template?

  • Easy customization of text and colors
  • Easy-going animations make it friendly and welcoming 

Template #5: Time management and prioritization

Time Management and Prioritisation - Lesson 1

Helps employees learn about time management within your business. Short, bite-sized video formatting means you can give employees a jump start without taking up too much of their productive time in one go.

Why use this template?

  • More than one template for easy multi-video mini-courses
  • Breaks down a complex subject into simplified lessons

Template #6: Microlearning video

Microlearning Video Template: AI instructor included

This general-use microlearning video can be used to educate your entire team on any how to perform tasks or understand tricky concepts. Its snappy step-by-step walkthrough of the concept helps you unpack the exact topic without wasting time on unnecessary detail.

Why use this template?

  • Follows micro-learning principles
  • AI voice-over and instructor make it lightning-fast to create 

Template #7: Multiple-choice questions

Template: Multiple Choice Questions Template

A multiple choice quiz is good to test the knowledge of your learners. Use this template to create a multiple-choice quiz with tension-easing animations. You can use a different format for giving context to long questions. 

Why use this template?

  • Timed animations for multiple choice Q&A
  • Placeholders for questions and answers
  • Correct answer description slide 

Template #8: 3-step how-to video

3-Step How-to Video Video Template: Create a video in 5 minutes

This training video template is ideal when explaining a 3-step method to do something. It is great for providing quick solutions to common problems that employees may face at their workplace. 

Creating short and interactive how-to videos using this template only takes five minutes.

Why use this template?

  • Set the tone with a problem statement slide
  • Improves retention rate with interactive video
  • Breaks down a complex task into simple steps

Template #9: How-to animation


This animated how-to training video template by Canva includes a 4-step solution to a problem. It consists of 6 slides beginning with a brief introduction of the title. Then comes the 4-steps, each elaborated on a separate slide. 

Canva's video templates are easy to use for those new to video creation as they operate in a similar way to more familiar tools such as PowerPoint.

Why use this template?

  • Includes stylish vector animations and graphic
  • Familiar slide-show style editor
  • Gives you access to a vast collection of graphics

Template #10: Orientation video

Use this employee orientation video template to impress new hires

Here is the perfect template to create an enticing orientation video that includes everything new hires should know about your organization. Help educate employees step by step from the start.

Why use this template?

  • First-day-schedule timeline
  • First-week checklist 
  • Placeholders for company-specific visuals

Template #11: Blue Illustrative Character Onboarding Video


This illustrative video template is ideal for the employee orientation of new hires. It includes an introduction to the company’s mission, vision, and core values. It's a fun way to onboard new teammates, explain their roles to colleagues, and find common interests. 

The best thing about this template is the brief first-week schedule for quick reference. 

Why use this template?

  • Interesting transitions
  • Simple and attractive design

Template #12: Introduce a new employee


Powtoon offers plenty of templates for engaging training videos. This template in particular is great for introducing new hires to the company. The animated template ensures a memorable welcome for the employees. 

Why use this template?

  • Cute graphics feel welcoming
  • Colorful and memorable slides
  • Minimal editing and customization needed

Template #13: Timeline video template

Timeline Explainer Video Template (Fully customizable)

Sometimes all you need is a brief timeline of your company to give an overview of your company's history and achievements.

Why use this template?

  • Highlight summary slide
  • Dynamic template design allows personalizing slide elements 
  • Placeholders for historical photos

Tip 💡

Copy and paste your script into the script box, and convert text to video to create a quick voice-over. 

Template #14: Effective questioning and active listening

Active Listening and Effective Questioning

Active listening and effective questioning are crucial for support teams. This template is ideal if you want to create a training video that improves the communication skills of your employees. The interactive visuals and colorful interface grabs the audience’s attention throughout the training. 

Why use this template?

  • Makes the subject matter easy to understand
  • Color codes the two topics
  • Great supporting text slides

Template #15: Leadership training


Providing employees with a basic introduction to training and online courses. If you're after a basic video, this is a simple template that's quick to edit and easy to use.

Why use this template?

  • Unique color profile makes for a presentation that stands out 
  • Animations are fast and snappy 
  • Includes slide for training exercises 

Template #16: Modeling a dialogue

Learning and Development Template: Modeling a Dialogue (Editable)

Do you want to make personalized sales training videos? This storytelling-based tool is ideal for bringing life to complex sales concepts. This template allows you to develop scenarios and present them in dialogues for enhanced learning. 

Why use this template?

  • Storytelling increases learners’ engagement and understanding
  • AI-generated avatars represent speakers without you needing to hire actors
  • Knowledge check with questions at the end improves retention

Template #17: Scenario-based training template 

Template for Story-based Scenarios (Customizable)

The video begins with the problem definition and the introduction of the characters so that the employees are on the same page. Every character explains their experience of the scenario one by one. In the end, you can conclude the discussion with a follow-up question. 

Why use this template?

  • AI avatars to speed up the video creation process
  • Easily translate into hundreds of languages without re-filming 
  • Create unlimited story scenarios

Decided on your favorite video template? Check out this library for more

Synthesia is an AI text-to-video maker that makes creating video templates easy. Start creating training videos today using our extensive library of training video templates or check out this free AI video maker to see how it works for yourself.


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