30 Best Video Templates With AI Presenters

Written by
Ema Lukan
Published on
June 4, 2024
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So, you want to make a video – amazing!

But if you’ve tried it before, you probably know it can be a lengthy and tedious process. 😨

Or rather, it used to be.

Today, AI makes it possible for anyone to create a professional-looking video from their browser without any equipment or experience in video editing.

Best way to start? Templates!

What makes the templates in this article *very* special are our AI avatars - human-like presenters that you can include in your video. You simply select one, write the words you want them to speak (70+ languages supported), and add them to a specific slide.

All our video templates have been created for a specific use case, so all you need to do is customize the content and visuals, and your video is ready to go. Videos made with Synthesia can be downloaded in MP4 format, embedded into different platforms, or shared via link. 

And yes, of course you can upload your own assets such as fonts, backgrounds, videos, etc.

Ready to start creating?

It’s as easy as creating a slide deck, really, but the results are waaay cooler.

(If you prefer to create your slides first and create your video after that, you can find downloadable PowerPoint and Keynote templates at the end of this post.)

1. Board Meeting Presentation Template

So you’re making a board meeting deck and want to impress the attendees?

How about turning your slides into a video with a real human presenter this time?

Sure, you don’t have the resources and knowledge to create a professional-looking video, but read further:

We’ve prepared a template with various scenes that you can easily customize and that will keep the viewers engaged, including an introduction, bullet points, quotes, graphical representations of different stats, screen recordings, and more. For an extra level of interactivity, don’t forget to add an AI avatar of your choice.

Board Meeting Presentation Template

2. Cybersecurity Template

Cybersecurity is a super important topic these days, but far too often, people just don’t follow the instructions and guidelines.

And they’re not to blame.

Talking about cybersecurity can quickly become too technical or simply boring. 🥱

And that’s why we’ve created this cybersecurity video template.

Cybersecurity Best Practices

3. Sales Deck Template

Guide your audience through your sales deck using this template. Created by video and design experts specifically for sales purposes, it has a single goal: to present your story in order to drive a conversion.

It includes everything a sales deck needs, from images to text to stats.

The template is fully customizable, so you can easily change fonts and colors, add stock footage, and even upload your own brand assets.

And the icing on the cake?

Choose a presenter that matches your brand's personality and let them make your sales video an engaging and memorable experience. 🗣

Sales Deck Video Template

4. Practice a New Skill

Best way to remember new information? Practice!

It improves skills significantly, but only when presented the right way.

This is one of our most popular video templates and was created together with our learning strategists.

It includes all the key moments viewers need to start practicing a new skill: It begins with a title slide, gives clarification, takes you through the process, and has a recap slide at the end.

You can edit the slides as you wish, select a human presenter to guide viewers through the process, and simply export, embed, or share the link to your video.

Practice a New Skill Video Template

5. Sharing a Case Study

Case studies are a great way to build trust and credibility and help people better understand a subject.

Usually, they sit on blog sites, waiting for people to come and read them.

That’s great, but how about presenting them in a more engaging format, like video, for example? 📹

Using this as a starting point, you can easily make a case study video. It contains all the key elements of a comprehensive case study, including a catchy title, problems, solutions, charts, and results. You can easily change colors and fonts, and other assets and share your new case study video on multiple channels.

Sharing a Case Study Video Template

6. Team Update

It is vital to give regular team updates for the following reasons:

1️⃣ First, it helps everyone stay on the same page and know what is going on with the project.

2️⃣ Second, it keeps everyone informed about deadlines and milestones. 

3️⃣ Third, it allows team members to ask questions and voice concerns. 

4️⃣ It also boosts team morale and keeps everyone motivated.

To accomplish all these, your presentation should be well-structured and engaging enough to keep the team focused.

Also, don’t forget to edit text, colors, and music to make the presentation consistent with your brand. Pick a presenter, hit “Generate video,” and your presentation is good to go.

Team Update - Best Video Templates

7. Orientation Video

Did you know that a great employee onboarding process can improve employee retention by 82%?

And as remote work becomes the new normal, it’s crucial to make this process as smooth as possible.

Of course, you can always give people a bunch of text-heavy documents to read, but that may not be the best option.

How about welcoming your new employees with a fun and personalized video presentation?

If you can make a PowerPoint, you can also create an engaging video with Synthesia.

Start from this template we’ve prepared especially for onboarding and orientation, customize it to your needs, and share it with your new colleague! ⬇️

Orientation Video Template

8. Brand Style Guide

Your brand is something that sets you apart from your competitors and builds long-term relationships with your customers, so make sure your communications are always on-brand, no matter who the author is.

The easiest way is to provide all employees with a simple brand style guide that showcases core creative assets, such as color palette, logo variations, typography, and key imagery.

And if you want to make it extra effective, present it in a video format.

Just customize this editable template, select your presenter and make your brand shine.

Brand Style Guide Template

9. Microlearning Video

Microlearning is one of the most effective forms of learning and audiences love it. Compared to text, video is simply better — viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to 10% when reading it in a text.

To help you get started with microlearning videos, we have created several video templates like this one. It includes:

  • Objectives slide
  • Comparison slide
  • Knowledge check slide
  • Key points slide
  • Key takeaways slide

You can edit it with just a few clicks and adapt them to your tone and voice.

Moreover, you can add a human avatar to present your content in more than 120 languages. 🌏

Microlearning Module Template

10. Product Demo

Show, don't tell. It's easier (and far more effective) to walk your customers through your product with a video than to describe it in text.

A well-designed video keeps them engaged, and certain visual cues keep them focused on the right information.

But instead of creating a product promo/demo video from scratch, start from this video template.

You can include descriptions, screen recordings, images, videos, and even a realistic human presenter to guide the viewer and offer additional explanations.

Product Demo Video Template

11. Learning Journey Template

To get the best results from your learning modules and courses, it’s important to set participants’ expectations about the process, duration, and key milestones of their learning journey.

This will give them guidance and provide them with the information they need before they even start.

Humanize the learning journey with a real human presenter, change colors and fonts to make it on-brand, add stock footage, and edit other elements — with a little help from AI, your learning journey video can be generated in minutes.

And if you really want to make an impact, don’t forget to personalize specific parts of the video. A simple, personalized greeting at the end can have a big impact. 🙂

Describing the Learning Journey Template

12. Internal Communications

Effective internal communication can help build trust between employees and management, as well as improve morale and teamwork.

When employees feel like they are part of a team and are kept in the loop, they are more likely to be engaged and also more productive.

To help you communicate important information internally, we have prepared this video template.

Take it, tweak it, adjust its style to your brand, and have an engaging video generated in minutes.

You can also use an AI avatar as a presenter or even have a custom avatar created.

Internal Communications Template

13. Quick Tips Video

Use this captivating video template to share quick tips on how to use a product or service, or how to approach something. It includes stylish slides that combine visuals and text, and a human presenter to navigate the viewers through the presentation (and can speak more than 70 languages):

Quick Tips Video Template

14. Technical Term Explainer

Acronyms, jargon, and other niche-specific concepts are something all employees should be aligned on.

Why not create bite-sized videos to explain them clearly? 

We’ve prepared this template so you don’t have to start from scratch — it flows nicely and is also visually appealing, so your audience can easily follow along.

Technical Term Explainer Video Template

15. Architecture Presentation

Whether you’re building your architecture portfolio or pitching a project idea to stakeholders, doing it in a video format is a great way to stand out. 

This modern template can be easily customized and also features a human-like AI avatar to narrate your script.

Architecture Presentation

16. KPI Review

Present your key performance indicators (KPIs) in a structured yet interesting way.

We get it — numbers don’t seem like a fun topic to present, and you’re probably not a designer yourself. 

That’s why we prepared this KPI video presentation that you can easily adjust and modify.

It contains:

  • 6 customizable slides
  • Placeholders for charts and imagery
  • Text-to-speech function in 70+ languages
  • Realistic and diverse human-like AI presenters
  • Easy mp4 download and embed function

KPI Review

17. Construction Site Template

When creating this video template, the specifics of the construction site were taken into account. You can fully edit it according to your needs and share it as an MP4 file or by link.

It contains an intro slide, a slide for multiple images, a comparison slide, a bullet point slide, and an end slide for a short recap. It also includes an AI avatar - a construction worker wearing a safety vest - that will keep your viewers engaged throughout the video presentation.

If you want to create a complete course, check out the other construction site video templates that make up a complete microlearning module.

Construction Site Template

18. Content Marketing Video

Content marketing is a huge topic right now, and if you're not making an effort to do it, you absolutely should be.

And when you get an idea for a great piece of content, don’t think too much about the format — because in 2022, video is king.

If you’re not a professional video creator, the easiest way is to start with a template.

This video template was created by a professional designer for content marketing purposes and it includes 10 fully customizable slides.

Oh, and don’t forget to add a human presenter if you want it to really stand out.

Content Marketing Video Template

19. Medical Presentation

Working on a medical presentation and looking for a simple and clean base to start from?

How about including a doctor presenting your content in a video presentation to make a real human connection with your audience? 🥼

Look no further!

You can find one in our extensive library of video templates for all use cases. It is made of different types of slides to help you convey your message in an engaging way.

And btw, the AI doc can speak more than 70 languages.

Medical Presentation Template

20. Instructional Manual

The easiest way to help users use a particular product or service is to have a well-structured and informative instruction manual.

And because text-heavy guides are simply less effective than videos, we suggest you start your next instructions with this template that will help you build an instructional manual video in just a few minutes.

It contains scenes for different purposes, from introduction and progress slides to slides for detailed explanations.

It works very well when used together with articulate360, as it also includes placeholders for hotspots and other interactions:

Instructional Manual Template

21. Office Setting Template

This is a minimalistic, clean and professional set of graphic templates you can use for communicating any business-related topic.

It includes several different scenes you can customize to your liking, as well as a human-like talking head in business attire to captivate your viewers.

Key scenes you will find in this template:

  • Introduction scene
  • Scene for bulleted content
  • Scene for large visuals
  • Scene for comparison between 2 concepts
  • Scene with contact information

Office Setting Template

22. Promo Video Template

Professional promo videos used to be pretty expensive, but now you can finally create one in a matter of minutes.

If you don’t have hours to spend on creating one from scratch, we suggest you start from this professionally-designed template and customize it to fit your message and visuals.

It includes placeholders for photos, videos, icons, and logos, as well as a human-like presenter that can speak more than 60 languages.

When you create a video in Synthesia, you can also record your screen and upload your own content.

Promo Video Template

23. Compliance Training Introduction

Best way for compliance training? A short and impressive video. 💯


Because video is people’s preferred format to consume content, is more engaging and can always be (re)watched on demand. It works even better if you localize the content, which has never been easier.

Using a video template for compliance training allows you to create an engaging video in mere minutes — in any of 120+ supported languages.

To make it even more compelling, you can include an AI avatar to narrate it and guide the viewers through the process:

Compliance Training Introduction

24. Multiple Choice Quiz

We all love quizzes, don’t we? 😉

They’re a great way to not only test knowledge, but also to present information in an interactive way.

This multiple-choice quiz template features different slides, from questions to answers to encouragement slide. For even better engagement don’t forget to include a lifelike AI avatar to navigate your audience.

After you customize the slides, you can either download the video, embed it, or share it as a link.

There are also many integrations you can use to add an interactive layer on top of your video quiz.

Multiple Choice Quiz

25. Supermarket Setting Template

This video presentation template tells a story in a supermarket setting.

It’s perfect for training employees as it’s rich with visuals and takes place in their familiar environment.

Whether you want to introduce new offers or processes or give a general overview of the shop, this is your go-to solution.

Besides 10 customizable scenes, it also includes a human presenter who will keep the viewers engaged and will establish a human connection with them. You can choose between more than 70 diverse presenters and let them speak out your script in more than 70 languages.

Supermarket Setting Video Template

26. Outline a 5-Step Process

Need to walk someone through a process and want to do it in a well-structured, clear, and understandable way?

Then this video template is just what you need.

It features all the key slides you need to take someone on a multi-step journey: introduction, single-step slides with visuals, a progress bar, and an encouraging final slide with a call to action.

On each slide, there’s also some space for an AI presenter of your choice (more than 60 diverse human-like presenters currently available). After you’re done with customizing your slides, you simply click Generate in order to get your video.

Outline a 5-step process

27. Company Values Template

There are many reasons why company values are important:

#1 They help define the culture of an organization.

#2 They help attract and retain the best employees.

#3 They help create a sense of community within an organization.

But it's not enough to only have your values. You should also communicate them clearly so that employees can understand them and live by them. By far the best format for this is a short and illustrative video that you can easily share within your organization.

This video template includes slides with different layouts that you can easily edit both style and content-wise. You can also choose a human presenter and switch between languages with a click in case you operate in different countries.

Company Values Template

28. Introducing a New Definition

Introduce a new concept or trend with a video presentation and make sure the entire team understands it correctly.

To help people grasp it, you should provide a broader context, and support it with real-world examples, videos, images, quotes, and other engaging elements.

The easiest way to create such a video is to use a template. You simply change the content and style of the pre-made slides, add a human presenter of your choice (more than 70 diverse AI avatars are available), and you're ready to go.

Introducing a New Definition

29. Business Report

We all know that business reports can be a little bland and hard to follow. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I mean, what are your first associations when you hear the word business report?

Text-heavy materials, hard-to-digest charts, and numbers without context?

Read on.

We suggest you present your next business report in an unexpected and engaging way — in a video format.

And don’t worry, all you need to make a great video is this template to start from and your computer. The template includes all the important elements of business reports, and you can easily adjust it to your needs:

Business Report

30. Mobile App Pitch Deck

Pitching an app or other digital product?

Then use this pre-made template to create a memorable video that will impress your audience.

In it, you can find all the necessary slides for a good pitch, and you can fully customize it. For more dynamic communication with potential investors, we suggest you to include an AI avatar that can provide additional information during the presentation.

Mobile App Pitch Deck
🔎 Still looking for inspiration?

Browse a collection of high-quality videos made with Synthesia that you can easily clone, customize, and use freely. Click here to visit our Examples Universe ➔

Bonus: Keynote and PowerPoint Slide Templates

Creating a video on Synthesia is easy. We've made it even easier to create great looking graphical content with 30 free Keynote and PowerPoint video slide templates that’ll work with Synthesia right away. You can see a sample video using the templates below.

We plan to release more templates shortly so keep an eye on this page.

KEYNOTE - Download templates

POWERPOINT - Download templates here

Preview of some of the slides available

Each slide comes with dedicated space for your AI presenter. Simply input your own text and images, upload the image to the platform and you’re ready to create your videos.

To create a video using slide templates:
  1. Download the template files on the links above. We currently support Keynote and Powerpoint.
  2. Open the file in Keynote and browse through the templates. Once you’ve found one you would like to use, make a copy of it.
  3. Time to make it your own! Edit the text, insert images and change the colours to fit your video. Make sure the preview-presenter is not on the slide.
  4. Create all the slides you need for your video and export them as images by clicking Export to > Images
  5. Upload your images as backgrounds to Synthesia.
  6. Our PowerPoint-to-video converter makes it super easy to create videos from slides: After you import your slides, you simply choose the AI presenter, select the language you want them to speak, and add your script. Edit your video slides further as you please and that's it - all you have to do is hit Generate and your video will be ready in minutes.

And if you still haven't found your perfect video template by now, we suggest you create your own.

It's as easy as creating a slide deck, but much more fun. 😊


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