How to Make a Video Presentation With No Equipment

Karina Kasparova
October 5, 2022

Oh, the beautiful world of presentations. From 90s PowerPoints and nifty animated Prezi decks, we’ve now reached a point where a perfectly designed presentation is a must. Perfectly designed video presentation, to be exact.

You get it, but you’re not a video pro, and you don’t have time (and nerves) to learn yet another video editing tool. 😫

No worries!

Making video presentations doesn't require a fancy video editing software, or years of video editing experience.

All you need to make great video presentations is an online video maker.

Keep reading to learn how to make a video presentation with an AI presenter and a text-to-speech voice over, all using one tool.

Or watch our short video tutorial.

How to make a video presentation

Video presentations vs. PowerPoint slides: Which one is better?

A PowerPoint presentation is a staple in any professional's arsenal of tools, but there are so many ways to make better presentations in 2022.

One such method is a video presentation.

Sure, you can convert a Google Slides or PowerPoint presentation into a video file right in the tool, but the results aren't that different from a normal PowerPoint. What you get is basically a video slideshow, possibly with a video recording of the speaker.

Here's why you should create a video presentation instead:

  • video helps people remember information better because it's presented both through visuals and audio
  • people retain 95% of the information presented through video vs only 10% through text

Besides, creating professional-looking videos isn't difficult.

You won't need a camera, a microphone or any prior knowledge of video editing.

All you need to make a video presentation is some text and a Synthesia STUDIO account.

How to create video presentations that grab your audience's attention

You might have seen a few PowerPoint to video converters online, which transform a PowerPoint presentation format into a video file.

Some converters, like the one by Synthesia, go beyond that by allowing you to add an AI presenter and text-to-speech narration to make it more engaging.

If you're in a time crunch or don't want to spend too much effort into making a video presentation, this is a good option.

In fact, we have a detailed guide on using the PowerPoint converter.

But if you want to create stunning video presentations, we advise to put in a little more effort.

Trust us, it pays off.

We're using a video presentation maker called Synthesia STUDIO, because it allows you to create an entire video presentation in one browser window.

Here's how 👇

Step 1: Choose a template

Every eye-catching video presentation starts with a professionally-designed template.

That is especially true if you aren't an experienced video editor or don't have an eye for design.

A template will also give your video presentation both a visual and informational structure with ready-made scenes. That will help keep your audience engaged and make the presentation easy to follow.

Browse through Synthesia's collection of 50+ video presentation templates to find one that suits your presentation topic and your target audience.

To make a video from a template, click on 'Templates' on the left-hand side, choose one and select 'Create video'.

Step 2: Write a video script

Before you dive into adjusting the presentation template, make sure you have everything you want to say in a concise video script.

This will make the entire video presentation-making process faster and easier.

Combine individual video scenes with text, and make sure to include no more than 3-4 sentences per scene.

Curious to learn how to condense information for a video presentation? 🤔

See our video lesson on chunking information:

Chunk the Information

Step 3: Paste in your text

Take your written script and paste it into the video presentation maker to all the slides.


Because Synthesia will automatically generate a voice over from your text using its text-to-speech engine.

To create a video narration in Synthesia STUDIO, you simply need to paste in your video script slide by slide into the script box and choose the voice you like.

Step 4: Add visual content

While the video presentation template gives a good visual outline, adding a personal touch with visuals will transform the video presentation into a more unique piece of content.

When you create video presentations in Synthesia, you can choose from 3 types of visuals:

1. Stock video and images

Photo and video footage is probably the most common way of visualizing information.

To find images for your video presentation, you can either go to 'Images' or 'Background' -> 'Images' .

To add video clips, go to 'Background' -> 'Videos'. There, you can find stock videos, upload your own video clips or record your screen.

2. Text on screen

Choose the key points and add them as text in your video presentation the same way you would in you PowerPoint presentation.

To add text in Synthesia, click on 'Text' and choose between Title, Subtitle, or Body Text.

Tip 💡

Go beyond simple bullet points, and add animation effects to your text to make it stand out.
Learn how to do that here:

Better Bullet Points

3. Virtual presenters

Apart from the text-to-speech narration, Synthesia will generate one more element from text - a virtual video presenter.

Using a talking head in a video presentation is a great way to keep your audience engaged, and you won't have to record yourself presenting, which sounds like a win-win to us.

To add an AI avatar to your video presentation, click 'Avatar' on the right-hand side of the video canvas and choose one you like.

Step 5: Generate video

Your video presentation is now ready!

Once you're happy with the outcome, generate the video presentation.

Here you can edit the Title and Description of the video and include captions if needed.

Share it with the world by copying the link, embedding it on your website, or uploading it to YouTube.

Or use it during a live presentation, if you don't like public speaking. (Relatable 🙋🏻‍♀️)

No more excuses — start creating video presentations now

Now that you know how easy it is to make video presentations, you only have 2 options:

You can either make your free demo video or try Synthesia by signing up. 😉

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