5 Steps to Make Engaging IT Training Videos Using AI

Karina Kasparova
January 10, 2023

IT training is a must for all companies, but not all employees like it. Some say it’s hard to follow, some find it boring, and some simply don’t have time.

And let’s be honest — there’s still plenty of room for improvement when it comes to delivering this type of training.

👉🏻 Our suggestion? IT training videos!

They can be extremely beneficial to your employees — they're engaging, informative, and can help keep your team up-to-date on the latest changes and updates.

That's why in this blog post, we'll discuss:

  • how to make IT training videos that are both informative and engaging
  • why IT training is so beneficial
  • why video is a great instructional tool

After reading this post, you will be able to create training videos like this one:

Technical Training Video Example | Synthesia

If you're thinking about adding video content to your next training session about IT, read on!

What is IT training and why is it useful in a corporate setting?

IT training is a wide range of courses and programs that teach students how to use and manage technology for their business. This can include:

  • working with enterprise applications
  • using desktop applications and programs
  • obtaining necessary certifications
  • protecting the company’s IT networks and systems through cybersecurity training

Why is that important to know? 🤔

Well, IT training can be extremely valuable for employees in any business. It can help them become more efficient and knowledgeable in using technology to help the business run better.

In addition, having employees who are certified in various areas of IT can give the company a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Note that IT training in this case does not refer to training employees to become IT specialists, web developers, or backend engineers.

That's a more appropriate task for universities and colleges. 🎓

Why create IT training videos instead of manuals?

It is no secret that video is one of the most powerful forms of communication. When it comes to employee training, videos can be an incredibly effective way to convey information.

Here are four reasons why videos are better than text for employee training:

Reason #1: Videos are more engaging

Studies have shown that humans are more engaged when they are watching a video than when they are reading text.

More specifically, 95% of information is retained through video vs. only 10% through text.

This means that employees are more likely to pay attention to and remember the information presented in a video than the information presented in a document.

For example, wouldn’t you rather watch this excel training video than read the instructions in a manual? 👇

Example: Software training video (Excel)

Reason #2: Videos are easier to understand

Videos can present information in an easy-to-understand way. This is because videos can use both audio and visual elements to communicate ideas, which allows employees to process the information more easily.

Or, here's a more science-y explanation 🤓:

Using visuals with narration is supported by R.Mayer's Multimedia Principle, which stipulates that people learn better from a combination of images and words, rather than from text alone.

Reason #3: Videos are more memorable

Not only are videos more engaging and easier to understand than text, but they are also more memorable.

This is because videos use both audio and visual elements to communicate ideas, which helps employees remember the information better.

Reason #4: Videos can be customized for each employee

Videos can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual worker. This means that employees will be able to learn the information that is relevant to them, which will help them to be more productive in their roles.

Considering all of the above reasons, wouldn't you also rather watch an IT training video instead of reading a long manual? 🤷

4 reasons why you should create training videos with Synthesia

We've shown you how effective training videos can be, but producing a high-quality training video doesn't come without challenges.

One downside of video-based training is that it can be more time-consuming to produce than text-based training. ⏰

Additionally, mistakes can be more difficult to correct, since it's typically harder to edit a video than a document.

However, all of the above downsides can be avoided by using an AI video maker like Synthesia STUDIO.

Let us explain.

Reason #1: Save on time and cost of traditional video production

According to our recent estimate, a 2-minute video created using traditional video production will cost you around $2,000. That includes script writing, professional equipment, a videographer, and a video editor.

Time-wise, you can expect to wait around 1 week for 1 training video, provided that there aren't many changes required.

With Synthesia, you can create an engaging training video in roughly 7 minutes.

Oh, and the cost of the tool starts at $30/month.

We'll let you do the math. 🤯

Reason #2: Easily update and maintain videos

Once a training video has been filmed and edited, you can't go in and change it without having to re-film or re-edit it. If the production was elaborate - we're talking actors, expensive cameras, etc. - you will have to spend a lot of money to re-make it.

However, videos created with Synthesia can be easily edited by duplicating the video, making the necessary changes, and generating the video again. This can take as little as 3 minutes.

Besides, if you embed the video on your website, every time you edit or update your video in Synthesia STUDIO, it is automatically updated on your website without you having to re-upload it.

Reason #3: Record the screen right from the tool

A screen recording is essential if you're doing a software tutorial.

With Synthesia, you don't have to use a separate screen recorder to film your computer screen.

Start recording right in the tool, and trim, crop, or loop your screen recording as needed.

Reason #4: Create videos with presenters without using actors

A presenter-style video is one of the most effective training video types.

But hiring actors or SMEs is costly and time-consuming, and filming yourself isn't always a comfortable option.

Instead, you can create presenter videos using hyper-realistic AI avatars.

We'll let our avatar Anna explain it in this presenter video:

How are Synthesia AI Avatars created?

How to make an IT training video in 5 steps

Okay then, if you've read the article this far (thank you 🥺), we won't keep you waiting for the pièce de résistance - here's how you can make your next IT training video using Synthesia.

Step 1: Choose a video template

Chances are, you aren't a professional video editor.

So we suggest you save time on the design part and start off with a video template.

They're professionally designed, easy to use, and customizable. That means you are not restrained by the design, merely nudged in the right direction.

To choose a template, click on 'Templates' on the left-hand side, choose a template and click on 'Create video'.

Tip 💡

We have 15+ training video templates for all kinds of scenarios.

Step 2: Write your IT training video script

The next step is to write a script. This may seem like a daunting task, but if you break it down into smaller steps, it's actually quite manageable.

Start by brainstorming what topics you want to cover in your video. Once you have a general idea, begin outlining your thoughts on each topic. Once you have a basic outline, you can start filling in the gaps with more detailed information.

Make sure your script is clear and concise so that viewers can easily follow along. And finally, don't forget to add a call to action at the end of your video!

Tip 💡

Keep the script short

Write no more than 3-4 sentences per scene to not make the video too long and boring to watch.

Step 3: Insert your video script

All you need to do now is insert your script slide by slide into the script box in Synthesia.

You will notice that the tool automatically chooses a voice and language and generates an AI voiceover.

You can play around with that and choose a voice that you think is fitting for corporate training videos.

Step 4: Add visuals

Visualize your narration by adding personalized visuals.

In the case of IT videos, adding a step-by-step screen recording describing the process in sequence is one of the most valuable ways you can visualize the instructions.

To create a screen recording in Synthesia, go to 'Background' -> 'Uploads'-> 'Record screen'.

Once you have recorded a section, edit it by clicking on 'Edit background'. You can crop, trim or loop the video.

You can also add a human-like AI avatar for presenter-style videos, as well as stock footage, text on screen, and other visual effects to illustrate your point.

Step 5: Generate video

You're all done.

Click on 'Generate video' and the video will be processed in a few minutes.

Your IT training videos don't have to be expensive to be engaging

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it’s important for businesses to keep up by providing their employees with regular IT training.

And contrary to what you might think, creating high-quality IT training videos doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

In fact, using Synthesia can make the process quick and easy – even for beginners.

So why not give it a try? Start creating your own IT training videos today!

Hungry for more knowledge? Check out our comprehensive guide to training videos 👇

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