Synthesia Studio is getting a fresh new look

Guillaume Boniface-Chang
April 26, 2023

Synthesia Studio is getting a fresh new look.

For the first time, we've had the opportunity to rethink the experience of Studio from the ground up. It's not that Studio was bad (we love you old Studio ❤️). It's just that we had been too busy adding features to look at the whole.

Next time you open Studio, you will notice our new visual design, a bold peacock blue with shades from white to grey. It's neutral and understated to let your creativity shine. The user interface is also a bit denser, allowing us to provide more space for the canvas.

We reorganised the main features, bringing to the top the tools you use to add to the canvas, while keeping on the right all the properties of the scene and canvas elements you select. We think it's more logical and easier to build muscle memory around.

The script box got a few long-awaited upgrades. Goodbye markups! We now have slick nodes that you can drop at the click of a button and drag around for pauses, variables and more.

There are a lot of small details in that redesign that we hope will ease your workflow. My favourite is how when you search for a media we keep your search while you look through different providers.

To help rethink our product, we've partnered with Olga Vajagić and Scott Savarie from Logic + Rhythm. In all fairness, there's still a lot of goodness in the design files we created together.

We hope you like what you see. Know that it will only get better!

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