7 Best Sales Training Videos You Should Use in 2023

Karina Kasparova
March 13, 2023

Statistics reported on Hurix strongly suggest that video-based training is more engaging and effective than text-based.

You might want to use sales training videos to turn your sales reps into sales professionals. But where do you find ready-made training videos to serve your sales team? What if you don't have the time to write a script and create videos?

In this article, we'll unpack some of the high-quality sales training videos for your team of professionals.

That said, here are the sales training videos we promised. Use these examples to polish your sales reps or create your videos. You want more sales, don't you?

TL;DR: You'll find some of the best sales training videos you can use for your team in this post. Keep reading.

1. The Challenger Sales Model

The Challenger Sales Model - Lesson 1

Think sales models, sales productivity, strategies, and techniques. This video teaches the challenger sales model. It is a sales strategy that can help your sales reps control the sales process with the customer in mind.

The course dives deep into this particular strategy, offering valuable insights into selling with many components in mind.

Why we like it:

  • It is succinct yet packed with helpful sales tips, much more than you'll find on a generic YouTube channel.
  • The layout and delivery are smooth and palatable. The information is broken down into bits that are easy to understand. 

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2. Effective Sales Call Preparation

Effective Sales Call Preparation

This is a simple "best practices' video on adequately preparing for a sales call and building a sales cycle. Smart calling is quite different from regular sales calling. Your sales team will learn the simple but effective ways to confidently make new sales from a customer via call while being attentive to the customer's needs. 

Why we like it:

  • The video is concise and clear.
  • The messaging is simple, with short informative, and instructional statements that enhance clarity and understanding.
  • The delivery is simple. Nothing is distracting about the presenter or the video itself.
  • The video is structured as a guide and is easy to implement. It also focuses on the customers' needs, not just the need to discharge salesman duties.

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3. How to Increase Response Rates

Increasing response rates

Response rates are metrics that show the effectiveness of sales approaches and techniques. This video trains the sales rep on why they may have low response rates, what to do about it, and practical tips on increasing response rates. 

Why we like it:

  • It's a short straight-to-the-point video. No sales professional will be bored while watching. 
  • The delivery is simple and 
  • It tackles a low response rate as a symptom of some rules the salesperson may not follow. 

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4. How to Handle Objections

Handling objections

This video trains sales experts on how to handle objections. It would be frustrating to have a sales rep reply "okay" whenever a customer objects to buying the company's product or service.

There are helpful nuggets and some expert tips sprinkled throughout the video that can empower a salesperson on how to deal with objections.

Why we like it:

  • The video highlights essential skills such as active listening and empathy.
  • The messaging is comprehensive, concise, and clear.
  • Practical examples can serve as templates for objection handling in real time.

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5. Negotiation and Influence

Negotiation and influence - Lesson 1

As social animals who interact with one another, negotiation is inevitable. As a salesperson, it's unavoidable. This video unpacks the layers of negotiation and looks into how to position oneself to negotiate correctly.

Why we like it:

  • It's thorough and includes a stunningly unused sales technique for mastering sales psychology.
  • It benefits any sales professional, whether a sales rep, sales strategist, manager, or sales training organization.

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6. Sales Enablement Training

Example: Sales enablement training video

This is an excellent example of training on the products/services offered by the company. You can tweak this template and use it for your team. 

Why we like it:

  • It is great for onboarding new salespeople who need new skills. 
  • It touches on the importance of thoroughly knowing the product or service and how it impacts the sales journey.

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7. Product Sell Sheet

Product Sell Sheet

This video dives into product sell sheets. It uses a case study, SafeX, to train professionals on the need for a product sell sheet and how to create one.

Why we like it:

  • The content is thorough, and the delivery is simple enough.
  • It benefits sales strategists and any sales leader who wants to be on top of their sales game. 

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These are some examples of high-quality sales training videos to use this 2023. You can use them to create a training course for your team.

What Should Your Sales Training Cover?

We agree with you that sales training videos are the way to go. But what should good sales training cover? Here are some of them.

1. The psychology of sales and customer experience

Sales experts understand the company's buyer persona. They get that people do not only buy based on their needs but based on how much they connect with the company's story. 

This understanding of human behavior is handy when choosing the techniques they want to employ for different clients, especially the ones at the decision stage.

2. Sales Techniques

From cold calling, active listening, and social selling to offering direct sales advice as a form of needs & solutions method, a sales professional should be well-acquainted with the various techniques a client can be led to the final point where they part with their money.

3. Team-building

Teams are the heart of every great company. Team-building fosters synchronization and alignment among team members. This, in turn, propels the company further toward its goals. Every team lead or training professional knows this is an essential aspect of sales training.

4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sales managers know that sales success does not end when the lead throws their coins into the company's purse.  The relationship with the customer is crucial after closing a sale. A good sales process includes customer relationship management.  

5. Company's Offerings and Target market

Trying to sell without knowing the target audience can be likened to shooting randomly during a hunt. Nobody catches anything!

It's an absolute necessity that your sales training content dedicates a module to talking about the company's offerings and who they're targeted toward. Think of it as the beginning of the sales journey on the backend.

Create your own sales training videos in minutes

Sales video training can level up your team consistently. The examples in this post are easy to duplicate and personalize for your team's unique needs. Here, you can customize the examples by changing the presenter avatar, script's text, layout, and colors.

Some team leads and training professionals might prefer to use custom-made training videos for their teams. If this describes you, you can learn how to create personalized sales training videos in just 7 minutes with Synthesia's AI video creation tool.

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