5 Reasons Why You Should Use Video For Sales Enablement

Karina Kasparova
May 23, 2023

The sales process is far from straightforward. Even a high-performing sales team struggles to standardize responses.

But hey, if winning deals was easy, everyone would be doing it!

So in such a nuanced profession, how do you create a sales enablement strategy that genuinely works on improving performance?

Training videos are an excellent place to start.

Videos help get everyone in your organization on the same page, from new sales reps to experienced leaders. They make it simple to both communicate AND retain information. That's a serious power move.

So whether you're a sales manager looking to upskill your team or a marketer looking to support your sales reps with effective training content, let's dive in. 

Did you know? 🤔

Close to 60% of sellers say it's harder selling online than from an office, but only 29% of online sellers are trained to sell from behind the screen. Sales enablement training programs can bring massive improvements to sales performance.

Reason #1: Sales enablement video training is convenient

A sales rep has a million things competing for their attention. They have prospects to chase after, deals to close, and meetings to attend… the list goes on. 

Trying to squeeze in-classroom training into that busy schedule is a nightmare for most companies. 

That's why video is so helpful: A sales enablement training video program can be consumed anytime, anywhere. 

The sheer flexibility of video training enables sales reps to take their skills to the next level in the most efficient way possible. And beyond the general convenience of watching a video online vs. attending fixed-time training: 

  • Videos can be watched multiple times, making it easy for sales reps to refer back to information when they need it most. 
  • Sales reps familiar with eLearning can watch content at 1.5x or 2x the speed, drastically reducing the time it takes to learn a new skill. 
  • If you cater to a wide range of skill sets, sales reps can choose the video content they watch and create their custom training program. 
  • Videos can fit into any job schedule, making squeezing into a busy calendar easier.
Did you know? 🤔

Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails, or web articles.

Further reading 📚

Use microlearning to create short and sweet lessons completing a specific sales task. Break complex subjects into easy-to-understand segments that help employees learn more efficiently.

Reason #2: Sales enablement video training can easily replicate real-world scenarios

Closing sales is a dynamic and ever-changing process. While you can create standardized responses for everyday situations, conveying what sales technique to use in different scenarios is tricky. 

The solution is training that provides concrete examples of real-world scenarios

Did you know? 🤔

Companies with dynamic sales coaching programs achieve 28% higher win rates.

For example, you might create an interactive video that simulates a sales call with a challenging prospect. In the video, the rep might encounter objections, questions, and challenges typical of real-world sales calls. By watching the video and practicing their responses, agents can better prepare for similar situations in the field.

Many sales enablement programs include mock calls between sales team managers and salespeople. But rather than being bogged down in one-on-one calls, consider scaling up your sales training with an interactive video program. 

Easily make a scenario video for sales training

This video template is a great place to start scenario training. It models the interaction between two people and can easily be customized to a mock call between a sales rep and a customer.

Video Template: Modeling a Dialogue (Editable)

Reason #3: Sales enablement video training is scalable

It's a real challenge to ensure that every person on the sales team has the same level of training. 

Across locations, different levels of experience, and expert trainer's availability, not everyone gets the coaching they need to perform at their best. 

By creating videos covering key topics, you can ensure that every rep has access to the same information, no matter where they are or when they were onboarded. And because videos can be easily updated and distributed, everyone can significantly access the most up-to-date information as things change.

For example, imagine you've identified negotiation as a weak point in your Q1 sales performance. You could quickly release a mini-course to all sales reps detailing how to improve negotiation throughout various sales processes.

Here's an example of what that course might look like:

Negotiation and influence - Lesson 5

And good news for your sales enablement team: You can easily duplicate that course and use it as a starting point for your own sales training materials.

Case study 📚

When BSH set to scale knowledge access to its global workforce through video, the results were terrific. They had over 30,000 views, more than a 30% increase in engagement, and 70% savings in external video production.

Reason #4: Sales enablement video training can be done with AI

So now you know video training itself is scaleable... But just how scaleable is creating video training?

If you've had any experience in video marketing, you'll know that videos can be both time-consuming and expensive to produce. But with the help of AI, you could be making videos in a fraction of the time.

Synthesia, for example, is an AI text-to-video maker. That sounds complicated, but its key features are actually pretty simple. It means that you can create videos from text alone. That text is turned into a natural-sounding voiceover, complete with a video of an AI avatar.

There are more than 85 AI avatars that you can choose for your sales enablement videos, but for a more personal connection, you can also turn employees (such as your sales leaders) into AI avatars for videos.

Tip 💡

To create an even more personalized video for your sales professionals, you can quickly customize your video script with an employee's name or role.

Want to learn more about how it all works? Check out this video on how to make a custom AI avatar in Synthesia:

AI Avatar: How to make Custom AI Avatar? | Synthesia @philpallen

Reason #5: Sales enablement video training increases retention

It's one thing to consume training content. It's another thing entirely to recall it. 

While text-based learning materials certainly have their place, humans are simply better at recalling visual cues and images. 

Because videos can incorporate a wide range of elements - like animations, graphics, and real-world examples - they can help to bring complex concepts to life in a way that text simply can't. And there's plenty of independent research that backs that up:

Did you know? 💡

Sales teams who reinforce training with video learning see 34% more first-year reps hitting quota.

Reason #5: Sales enablement videos are a long-lasting resource

Ever learned something new, felt confident about its application, and then you couldn't quite remember how it was done when it came to putting it into practice? 

You've got the idea. But the specifics are just… gone. 

When that happens, video is a great resource to fall back on. 

No matter the level of your sales team, anyone can go to your learning management system and revisit key concepts or how-to tutorials instantly, even on their mobile phone. 

Videos can be accessed on-demand, anytime, and anywhere. When you're out in the field and need a quick refresher on a particular skill or concept, you can pull up the relevant short videos on your phone or laptop and watch them again.

By incorporating videos into your sales enablement strategy, you can give your sales teams the flexibility they need to revisit key concepts and reinforce their learning in a way that works best for them.

Teach sales reps how to increase response rates

This on-demand video training is helpful to any sales reps struggling with response rates from customers. You can duplicate and adjust the template to your internal procedure in minutes.

Increasing response rates

Create a sales training video in minutes 

Create ongoing training and help your sales teams bring in more sales. Using video for sales enablement training, you'll empower new reps to win more deals without burdening senior executives to provide one-on-one coaching.

Ready to get started? Sign up to Synthesia and duplicate this sales enablement video template to get started.

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