High-quality video integration with an API call

August 17, 2021

7taps, a leading micro-learning platform, uses the Synthesia API to enable its customers to create high-quality videos directly in their app, with a simple API call.

About 7taps

7taps is a mobile first, micro-learning platform serving +2500 customers. The easy-to-use app allows users to create mobile-first bite-sized content to quickly learn or remember something.

The platform is used by large organisations such as Pfizer, Radisson Hotels, Qantas Airlines, as well as independent instructional designers and educators from institutions such as University of Arizona, Main's Public Universities etc.

The problem

7taps didn't have video functions at first. The reason for this is that creating videos requires a significant amount of time and effort. And that's exactly what 7taps didn't want to happen, given its product vision of lightning-fast content creation. Customers, however, expressed a desire to incorporate video content into their courses.

Auto generating videos with an API call

With the Synthesia API, 7taps customers can now create videos directly in the app.

"Synthesia and 7taps both stand for creating high-quality content while saving users time, nerves, and money. It's a perfect match." - Kate Udalova, Co-Founder and CPO, 7taps

Below is a quick demo of how to easy is to add an AI video in 7taps, with Synthesia API👇🏻

What used to be a tedious process requiring cameras, lights, and microphones is now done with a simple API call. Customers just have to type in their script, and in less than 10 minutes the video is ready. And it all happens within the 7taps app.

"For us is not just about videos - it's about the next-gen type of media that's lightning fast to create, easy to interact with and engaging." - Kate Udalova, Co-Founder and CPO, 7taps

Synthesia API benefits:

⚡️ Easy integration: from the idea to the actual release of the feature took less than 1 month. The API documentation is clear and easy to navigate, making integration development easy.

Video creation time: it takes less than 10 minutes to create a 1-minute video, making course creation a breeze, and scalable.

🚀 Ease of Use: creating the video takes little effort on the instructor's part - all they have to do is type in the script.

🎓 Enhanced learning experience: courses that include a short video are more engaging, without distracting the learner from the actual content.


In the first 2 months, 7taps users have added over 1.000 AI videos to their courses. The feedback has exceeded expectations - here are some quotes from happy 7taps customers, after the introduction of AI video feature:

🎉 “This technology blows everything I used previously away”. 🎉
🎉 “A great addition that enhances the application of 7taps”. 🎉
🎉 “You are really on to something here, fantastic job”. 🎉

We at Synthesia are very excited to partner with 7taps and can't wait to see what happens when video content creation is just an API call away. Click here to get started with Synthesia API today.